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Pure Drinking Water – A Necessity For a Healthy Body

Few people realize that our human bodies are made up of about 60% water. In fact, our lean muscle tissue is approximately 97% water. Blood is about 50% water and even bone is a whopping 97% water! It should come as no shock that our bodies cry out for water every hour of every day. Because we sweat out a lot of fluid in a day (even if we are not exercising), there is a constant need to replace the lost water. For these reasons, it is believe that pure drinking water is vitally important for people to have access to in order to keep the body healthy and not introduce contaminants into our system that should not be there.

It is difficult, however, to make certain that the drinking water we are getting is pure. Most people believe that the regular water that comes from our tap is perfectly safe and fine to drink. While there is usually no immediate threat or danger to drinking this water, it is also not necessarily the purest form we can have. There can be residue of pesticides, germicides, pharmaceuticals and other bacteria in the water we drink. Remember that it also has to come through our pipes and faucets which could have residue all its own.

So, is it worth it to invest in a water purification system in your home to protect yourself and your family? Given that these systems are very inexpensive yet extremely effective, it would seem that the answer is a resounding yes! Spending those few extra dollars to ensure that you are putting pure drinking water within the reach of yourself and your family is crucial to all of your long term health. Think of it this way: would you put soda in the gas tank of your new car?

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