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Power Assisted Device: The Future of Soft Tissue Therapy

The PAD a.k.a. electric massager is a hand held myo-therapy machine used by DCs, LMTs, PTs, personal trainers, coaches, athletes, and everyday people seeking myofascial help. These powerfully helpful machines spin and vibrate at various speeds, providing a variety of therapeutic applications. Most PADs feel awesome on the body. Deep therapeutic effect happens in a matter of seconds, all while the patient is in a deep reverie. These technical assistants can be found in a few places here in the US. Lets take a look at a few leading models.

JEANIE RUB is an industry standard in the chiropractic realms. This powerful unit has a rectangular vibrating pad spanning the width of the lower back, with two handles for smooth operation. The delivery is vibrational, not orbital.

THUMPER offers us the Maxi Pro, a deep muscle percussion massager. With eight massage spheres, variable power and weighing 7 lbs. It also utilizes a flat rectangular application and has one handle. The delivery is vibrational, not orbital.

G5 offers a variety of vibrating massage heads attached by a power chord to roll along stations. These take up much more space, with the unit attached to an electronic station which is wheeled around by the therapist, but the word is they are built to last.

Myo Buddy Products provides a professional clinical PAD sought after by serious muscle therapy technicians, fascial release clinicians and athletic trainers. The Myo Buddy Pro has a 6-inch vibrating pad with variable speed random orbital oscillation, delivering a powerful healing impact. This unit is specially gripped for manual therapists and held with one hand. The shape and speed control is perfect for developing endless dynamic healing sequences.

BFF Miracle Body Buffer is an all-around device built for home or office, clinic or spa. The “bff” has a sleek shiny look, perfect for spa applications. Although differently gripped, this unit is similar in effect to the Myo Buddy Pro, it also utilizes random orbital oscillation.

Each model provides its own unique set of therapeutic actions. These modern user-friendly devices inject volumes of therapy into a short amount of time. There are loads of techniques which can assist most physio-therapy modalities.

LMTs use the device to scramble pain signals and loosen hypertonic muscles in short order. DCs use PADs to create optimal circulation around a joint before an adjustment. Personal trainers and PTs increase a client’s strength and range of motion prior to exercise. Nearly every body-focused group benefits from the handy power assisted device, creating wellness in seconds.

Source by Jason A Auer-Sears

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