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Open Root Pipe Welding With an E6010 Electrode

Doing an open root pipe weld with an E6010 electrode requires three steps:

  1. Make sure the pipe joint is fit up properly.
  2. Set your welding machine right.
  3. Use the right welding technique.

When it comes to doing an open root welds on pipe or plate the general rule is you must have a good fit up! That is more than half the battle. Even the best welders will have a lot of difficulty putting in the root pass if the joint fit up is poor. The ideal fit up should have a landing ranging between 1/16″ to 1/8 of an inch. The gap between the two pipes should also be between 1/16″ to 1/8 of an inch. Ideally you want the landing and gap to be consistent all the way around the pipe. It’s easier said than done!

Setting up of the welding machine can be done in two ways. The first is following the electrodes manufacture’s recommended amperage range for that electrode. For putting in a root pass with an E6010 you need to start in the very low end of the recommended amperage setting. From there you need to run a short bead on the root so that you can tweak the amperage setting till it is just right. The second way is done by taking a piece of scrap metal and setting the welder just hot enough to barely weld without sticking. The second way is how I like to set up my machine and it typically get the machine set just right without having to tweak it to many times.

The welding technique used with an E6010 electrode on an open root pipe weld is always a whipping motion. The only thing that really changes with this technique is how long your whipping motion is. It can range from going back and forth as much as one inch to as little just as a shake of the electrode. The trick to getting a good root penetration is all in the keyhole. Once you strike the arc you need to open up a keyhole and keep your arc inside of it.

Source by David Zielinski

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