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Moisture Separators: Operation and Principle

The various steam machines implemented in a number of industries are generally affected by the presence of moisture in the steam that is emitted from the machine. The presence of the moisture highly affects the efficiency of the machines as well as the performance capacity. All these factors eventually lead to added expenditure on the operations. Such an expense for any industry or business is extremely hapless. Therefore, the best way to mitigate such a problem is to invest in the right equipments like moisture separators.

Moisture Separators: Principle of Usage:

These devices are also known as steam separators. The efficiency of this device is such that it removes the water vapor or any type of moisture content from the steam. The elimination of excess water vapor from the steam effectively increases the overall thermal efficiency of a steam-based engine. These devices make use of the centrifugal force that effectively tosses away the condensations from the steam.

Furthermore, the end product obtained of a steam moisture separator is known as dry steam though it contains some water contents in the gaseous state.

Generally, these devices are utilized in applications that require dry steam. Thus, you would mainly get to see them being used with devices like industrial autoclaves. They are also used with other industrial devices like nuclear reactors, large industrial boilers, modern turbine systems, and classic steam locomotive engines.


The operation of these devices is pretty simple to comprehend. The steam present in the machine enters the separator unit through an inlet. As soon as it enters the system it encounters a baffle and moves its way further in a spiral manner. It is the centrifugal force that eliminates the water droplets out of the steam and vents the dry steam out through an outlet.

This type of a mechanism can be compared to the spin dry feature in a washing machine where the rapid rotation of the barrel causes the water to spin out of the clothes.

It is highly imperative to install this device in the best of its environment to ensure the dryness of the steam is at its desirable. The proper usage of these instruments truly makes them efficient and better in performance. One can avail these separators in standard and custom designs too. In addition, they can be installed in a number of configurations such as vertical, in-line or horizontal. However, while purchasing these devices from an online source or any authentic outlet, it is vital to ensure that they conform to the standard industrial codes and ASME.

While the aforementioned are basic details that would help you choose the right moisture separators for your applications, it is advisable that you consult a professional manufacturer for further details about this subject.

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