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Mobile Phones: A Necessary Evil?

The mobile phone was originally designed to enhance the ease of communication but with the fast changing technology, is it still serving this same purpose? From its evolution, it started off as a simple device that could make and receive calls and send and receive short messages and now, they could do right about anything once you install the right software. Question is: do we really need them?

In this time and age, I believe they are more of a necessity than a useful device. In addition to its basic functionalities, it has gone as far as playing music from your radio stations, watching your favorite TV stations to serving all your computer functions. In essence, your mobile phone is everything you need in this technological era without having to worry about bulk.

Why are mobile phones necessary?

The world is turning into a small village and despite the distance between states; mobile phones bring people closer together. Through wireless connections, you get to communicate with your loved ones from all over the world through making calls and sending text messages at anytime and from any place you choose to.

With the provision of cameras and the internet, you can easily share special moments with friends and family as well. Although some people will hack into people’s privacy and use their information for malpractice, we still can’t avoid using these facilities. You can imagine taking a photo in one country and in seconds, a friend or relative will receive it on the other side of the world. The camera will also serve the purpose of saving important moments just for you instead of carrying around a bulky camera. Technology has improved mobile phone’s camera resolution making it possible to take clear nice photos. You can also record videos and store them for memories sake.

You can also store documents and files as well. As long as your phone has enough capacity to hold all that you consider necessary, you are good to go. Technology has made it possible to increase your storage capacity with different size memory cards suitable for mobile phones.

You can also surf the internet from your mobile phone. This means that you can download and upload anything you so wish without a bulky laptop or desktop. Truth be said, they are simple, portable devices that with a variety of services that you would have accessed using different devices previously. With these devices, you can do this anywhere even while on the move.

Even with these advantages, they are preventing people from meeting face to face. With the ease of finding out how people are doing and if things are running smoothly through a simple phone call, people are not finding reason to meet face to face.

Medically, research shows that they spread Radiation which is hazardous for its users and may cause cancer.

Despite these few setbacks, we must agree that mobile phones have made our lives easier. With the right use of these devices, we are probably safe from any harm that they may cause. It is important to keep in mind that we are responsible for making inventions harmful or harmless.

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