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Maximum Achievable Reliability of Parts and Equipment With Minimum Maintenance Cost

The responsibility of agricultural enterprises for providing the population with foodstuffs and natural industry with raw materials is great. The farms and agro-allied industries therefore have, at their disposal, large amounts of machinery and equipment that are characterized by great diversity and complexity. These machinery and equipment require cost-effective maintenance strategies for higher productivity and reliability. The requirements to be met by agro-allied industries and maintenance organizations of machinery and equipment are stringent. Correct operation, conscientious care and maintenance, correct procedures for long-term failure prevention and repair work are factors that contribute to ensuring that the machinery belonging to farms and related industries:

– Are available when needed and give rise to little down-time that may complicate the process of agricultural production, part development and equipment operation;

– Will consume a decreasing proportion of costs to minimum value for necessary maintenance.

Farms and agro-allied industries employ a variety of maintenance methods in accordance with the different failure modes of equipment, its assemblies and components, agro-allied service conditions and maintenance facilities available. These methods include day-to-day and routine maintenance and rust prevention, long-term parking, operational repairs during service or during breaks between shifts (mainly during harvest operation), overhauls, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, proactive maintenance and reconditioning of parts as permitted by the maintenance facilities available at the farms and related industries. The use of failure resistant (surface-hardened and reconditioned) parts plays the vital role, as the only means of fully satisfying the demands for spare parts used for high quality repairs and maintenance as well as attaining maximum achievable reliability.

The main trend of industrial development in maintenance and repairs is the use of hard-surface and reconditioned parts, the setting up of specialized industries, factories and workshops equipped with high quality and efficient facilities using effective methods of depositing coatings and surface finish. These methods, often based on the use of wear, corrosion and temperature resistant metallic powder materials, include gas-thermal, gas-flame, plasma spraying and others. Such techniques have been adopted in many repair and maintenance factories in the different countries like United States, Russia, Germany, Poland and others and have proved highly effective in extending the service life and reliability of machinery and equipments.

At this juncture, interest will be concentrated on carrying out up-to-date highlights of hard coatings suitable for wear, corrosion and temperature resistance in agricultural and industrial applications. The wide range of applications in hardening and reconditioning various items machinery and equipment using gas flame and plasma spraying of powder materials has created an awareness of the need to select suitable wear, corrosion and temperature resistant coating materials, surface finish and maintenance methods.

Technological Inheritance Technique can now be used for optimum selection of the process conditions for the attainment of maximum achievable reliability at minimum maintenance cost.

Source by John Osarenren

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