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Love Your Dog by Keeping Them Safe

We have listed 5 examples below that will explain why this rule is so important. You will find it enjoyable choosing different collars and leashes for your furry friends.

1. Public safety

This rule was created to provide your community with peace of mind and protection against their personal belongings. It not only provides the safety of your home and lawn, it also decreases the chances of injury to the your animal and the community. This is why the leash rule is so important.

2. Companionship

A dog that is using a leash can show how much the pet owner loves their dog and does not want to cause harm to him or anyone that comes in contact with them. It also shows that the owner has spent time training the dog to be comfortable wearing it. You also get to have fun choosing a collar to match. There are many options in collars and leashes.

3. Dog health and safety

There are times when a dog can run out in the street and possible get hit by a motor vehicle. This is another great reason for leashes. This can be very sad for the dog, owner, and the person driving the vehicle. This is something we all want to avoid. Another reason that the leash is important and necessary. Without the leash, dogs tend to actively run and love to find new experiences. They are likely to come across things that can be hazardous, sometimes deadly. Another issue to avoid.

4. Gifting a Pet

When the decision is made to buy a puppy for a friend or family member, there are a lot of factors should be considered. While it is a nice gesture, not all people are pet people. Many dog breeds require a lot of attention and caring, as well as the proper home to raise their new furry friend. It needs to be safe environment for all. It is best to discuss this option with the person first. Research on the breed prior to choosing is a must.

5. Identification device

A sturdy collar is a must for your puppy. You will need to have contact information in case you and your pet get separated at any time. It also provides a place to attach their rabies tag and county license tag. Let’s not forget it is also the place to attach a leash for their safety and protection. I will leave you with a few thoughts regarding the importance of using a leash for your pet. It is the least costly item you can purchase to keep your pet safe. It is also probably the one item that has been around for many years.

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