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Linux Training – Linux Installation Help – Linux Live CDs & Linux Installation CDs – Pros and Cons

You get real, practical Linux training when you get Linux running on a computer system, and you work with it to get experience.

Once you get the Linux OS (operating system) running, you can learn how to use Linux desktops, run Linux software programs, and most importantly, go to the Linux command line to run Linux commands – the real power behind Linux system administration.

Two popular methods of getting to work with the Linux OS are:

1. Install Linux from CD or DVD onto the hard disk in a system

2. Boot and run Linux from Linux live CDs or DVDs (without installing Linux)

Here are some of the pros and cons of installing Linux on a system and running Linux from a live CD or DVD.

Linux Live CDs – Pros

1. The Linux OS boots and runs in just a few minutes entirely from a single Linux live CD (or DVD).

2. A lengthy Linux installation is not required. You do not need to provide a lot of settings to the Linux installation routine and then wait while the Linux OS and Linux software programs are copied onto the hard disk.

Also, if you install Linux on Windows, you need to back up your system before you do and you may damage your Windows setup during the Linux installation – or if you remove Linux later!

3. You only need to get 1 Linux live CD or DVD, as opposed to possibly needing several when you install Linux. Therefore, if you download Linux to burn a Linux ISO file to CD / DVD, you only need to wait while 1 Linux CD / DVD is downloaded.

4. Linux live CDs / DVDs are very inexpensive. If you do not want to download Linux as a live CD / DVD, you can order one and have it mailed to any location on the planet for a very small amount of money. Just run your browser and do a search for "list of linux cds" or "list of linux dvds".

Linux Tips: If you are going to buy a Linux live version and you have a DVD drive, get a Linux live DVD rather than a CD. A DVD holds about six times as much as a CD. Therefore, you'll get lots (and lots) more Linux software programs on a DVD!

5. A Linux live CD can easily be removed and taken anywhere. Portable Linux!

6. You can save your work (data files) – if you get the right Linux live CD or DVD.

Linux Tips: Before getting a Linux live CD / DVD, do some research to make sure you can save your work. Some Linux live distros let you save your data and some do not. For example, the Ubuntu Linux live CD allows you to save your work to a USB flash drive.

Linux Live CDs – Cons

1. Although booting from a Linux live CD / DVD is faster than doing a complete Linux installation, you still need to wait while your system boots from the live CD / DVD, every time your system starts. If you usually keep your system turned on, this is not an issue.

2. You may not be able to save your work. Some Linux live CD / DVD distros allow you to save your work and some do not.

3. You need to boot from the Linux live CD / DVD every time your system starts. This may not be very convenient if you need to put other CDs or DVDs in the drive while running Linux "live". Any time you need to put something in your drive, you have to remove the live CD / DVD. This also increases the likelihood that your live CD or DVD will become damaged.

Linux Tips: Keep a copy of your current Linux live CD handy in case your working copy becomes damaged.

Either way, installing Linux or using Linux live CDs (or Linux live DVDs), is an excellent way to get Linux training so you can learn how to use Linux.

Source by Clyde E. Boom

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