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Lawn Mowers – Buying Guide

There are different kinds of Lawn Mowers with different facilities available. Buying a Lawn Mower as any other appliance depends on the need and the usage of the buyer. The usage varies according to the size of the lawn to be maintained, the physical ability of the user and the application of the machine as mulching, side way discharging or bagging.

There are Walk-behind Mowers either self propelled or electric Mowers, Gas Powered Mowers and Riding Mowers and more which has different features and facilities useful according to the growth and the thickness of the grass.

If your lawn is small and is maintained regularly well a walk behind mower should be sufficient that works on Corded Electricity or Gasoline or on a powered Battery. The performance of the mower will not differ on what power it works. If the lawn is quite big that spreads more than an acre or so a Riding Mower should be preferred. Though expensive than the walk behind mower it justifies its price with a wide cutting blade that mow the land more quickly and efficiently.

There are also Lawn Tractors and Garden Tractors that are much needed for far bigger lawns of about 3 plus acres. They too have comparatively larger cutting blades with fine turning ability which mows hard and coarse grass in no time.

The prices range higher with every added feature or facility of the mowers.

The other basic technical details that should be borne in mind apart from the models are:

o The engine horsepower minimum of 5.5 for an easy performance

o A pretty large rear wheel for a smooth run

o A minimum of 20 Inches of cutting blade width for a quick mow.

There are sophistries too in the mowers as a comfortably adjustable seat and other attachments. Just think of the need it is used and the budget planned for the lawn mower.

Good Luck for a best buy that suits you.

Source by Victor Thomas

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