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Is There Any Form of Formal Education for Forex Traders?

As far as I know, there is no formal degree which is Forex specific. However there is a certification program, which measures your proficiency in many aspects of finance which correlates to a lot of things involved in Forex trading. I am referring to the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA for short. The curriculum of most CFA programs covers subjects such as ethics, quantitative methods, economics, corporate finance, financial reporting and analysis, security analysis and portfolio management.

You need bachelors degree in order to be eligible for CFA certification. There are many schools on and off the Internet which offer study materials for the CFA exam.

While this would go a long way in helping you understand the mechanics of Forex trading, it is by no means exhaustive, and neither does it cover everything that a good trader needs to know. However many Forex related companies would look favorably at candidates who possess a CFA certification. That perhaps is where it makes the most sense, if you are planning to work for a Forex broker or some other Forex related business.

Many experienced traders however would recommend Forex specific courses which don’t come with a certification but they do call for much more ground with respect to Forex trading and analysis. One excellent program that has received many positive reviews is Peter Bains Forex Mentor program, which you might want to check out. In fact even if you do decide to go for CFA certification, it might be a good idea to go on the Forex Mentor program concurrently with your CFA studies. Since the CFA program covers more ground, it ends up being a more general view of the different elements involved in financial analysis. On the other hand the Forex Mentor program, and other similar Forex training programs, are specific to Forex trading and studying them concurrently, while trading demo accounts would provide a much higher caliber of education and training compared to studying either one of them by themselves.

Never underestimate the value of using demo accounts in your Forex education. In Forex, what is important is the real world trading. There are so many different ways of analyzing the market and while it’s good to know most if not all of them, eventually you will need to focus on just a couple of analysis tools because the use of too many tools will slow down your trading and will result in missed opportunities due to overanalysis. So the Forex specific programs will show you the fundamentals of the different tools for analysis. The CFA on the other hand will provide you with the knowledge necessary to analyze fundamentals effectively. Taken together, you will be equipped with a fundamental and technical tools needed to chart your Forex trading direction. Then by using the demo account you are able to select and fine-tune your analysis tools of choice until you’re able to come up with your own personalized, and effective trading system.

Forex trading does involve quite a bit of studying, but the great thing about it is that you are able to get instant gratification in the sense that you are able to see the connection between what you are studying in what you’re doing, or intend to do trading wise.

You can also look into a coach, mentor or advisor. here is a cool article I found online that looks into the advantages of having someone help you (hope it is OK to copy and paste here…)

Why Have a Mentor When Using Forex

Forex has enabled beginners to catapult themselves into the exciting world of foreign exchange trading, but currency exchange is not a guessing game, and novices aren’t generally successful right off the bat. Like anything else Forex trading requires training and know-how. Consider the following reasons why you should consider using a Forex mentor, tutor or platinum training solution to improve your trading abilities:

Understand the Unknown

When trading currencies, or any commodity, you will undoubtedly encounter alien looking charts and figures. Platinum Trading Solutions says that without formal training you will not be able to properly interpret daily information feeds, which will harm your ability to do informed trading.

Know your Resources

When trading Forex you will need to regularly consult a list of critical resources. If you do not feel comfortable using: the law of the charts, probabilities, Investopedia, Forex news, Daily FX, Forex blogs, the Forex Symbol Table, historical currency exchange rates, and more.

Learn Patience and Timing

The most important, and difficult, aspect of trading is knowing when to buy and sell. Novice buyers often sell out of excitement and anticipation, regardless of correct timing. A Forex mentor from Platinum Trading Solutions can teach you the patience you need, and show you how to recognize the right time to buy and sell. Remember that this is an art form and being precise is critical.


As a novice trader, you are going to get frustrated. Nobody is successful on Forex overnight and there are many hurdles you must get past in order to be successful. A mentor, tutor from platinum training solution can help you get through the tough times and ensure you make it to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Save Time

For those eager to make it rich on Forex quickly, save yourself the time and effort of learning the hard way. When you go it alone on Forex you will undoubtedly make a lot of mistakes on your way to success, and this is ok, but it will cost you precious time. A mentor or platinum training solution will carry you over those hurdles by glossing over the mistakes (and the costs associated with them).

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