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Industrial Management Resume Cover Letter Example

This is an example of a cover letter. Use this as a template and for ideas and inspiration, do not just copy it word for word. Before you can use this example you will need to replace all the dates, all the names and all the addresses. Add your contact details to the header or footer of the document. Remember to include keywords for the position you are applying for. Try to find a comeback in the company that is responsible for human management and address the application to him or her. Good luck in your job hunt!

January 1, 2009

Mr. Example Name

Human Resources Manager

Company Name

111 Street

City, State 90111

Dear Mr. Name

Over 20 years within industrial manufacturing has given me the expertise required to provide solid and decisive leadership. I present a versatile background that has provided me with insight and hands on experience in operations management, business development, sales and marketing. Time and time again I have demonstrated the ability to facilitate change, impact positively on the bottom line, grow revenues and solidify relationships within public and private sectors.

> Established corporate strategies at Company, which resulted in the creation of four SBUs. Additionally, refocused two emerging ventures toward market development, which led to heightened interest by potential buyers while simultaneously reducing overall spending.

> Grew revenues at Feldon from $24 to over $40 in three years through manufacturing organization, European expansion, and in house sales position programs.

> Led startup venture Bonn Automotive, which greatly improved relations with UAW and created processes that led to launch of new products on time, and within budget.

> Developed manufacturing strategy for $3.5 billion plastics and trim division at Michigan Motor that address efficiencies, European expansion, and methods to supports divisional growth.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs, elaborate on the highlights presented on the enclosed resume, and how and if my background can be of value to your immediate and long-term needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to discussing what could be a mutually beneficial professional relationship.



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