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Increase Jumping Ability – 3 Proven Methods to Jump Higher

To increase jumping ability takes time and effort.  Claims of how to increase jumping ability by 100% in 1 week are not realistic.  You must have the right training, techniques and workouts in order to stimulate the body to make the necessary changes.  If you use the wrong workout techniques, you may never increase jumping ability.  In this article, I will give you a few ideas that will help establish a good foundation to make you successful.

1. Increase jumping ability by progressively overloading your body so that it must make changes.  These changes will allow you improve efficiency, coordination, and finally strength.  You should always start a workout with a warm up that is specific to the activity that you are going to be doing.  If you are going for a run, start off with a light jog, if you are going to lift weights, start out with light weights and gradually increase the weight until you are at the workload you plan to use.  When doing exercises to increase jumping ability, you should start off with low level plyometric exercises (light jumping) such as jump rope, skipping or ankling jumps.  This will get your body ready for the high intensity jumping exercises that are really going to make the changes.

2. Plyometric drills will help to improve the muscle coordination that is necessary to increase jumping ability.  It’s no wonder that experts utilize the effectiveness of plyometric training to advance their athletes to the next level.  Basically, plyometric drills are jumping exercises.  You don’t need fancy equipment in order to reap the benefits you need.

3. Train fast, get fast! Jumping is a high speed movement.  In order to get stronger at high speeds, you need to train at high speeds.  One of my favorite sayings is: Train slow, get slow.  Train fast, get fast!  Muscles respond to the specific training that they are put through as well as the speed you use to train.  To increase jumping ability, you will need to train at high speeds.  Slow squats, dead lifts, and other traditional weight lifting exercises done at slow speeds are great exercises for strength.  However, they are not going to produce the rapid transition from deceleration to the powerful acceleration needed to increase jumping ability.  That is why plyometric training is so effective.

A great example of a sport that has a great vertical jumping ability is Olympic weightlifters.  Have you seen the type of movements that they make when training? All of their lifts are explosive.  They have an amazing vertical jumping ability and yet you probably wouldn’t even know it.

To increase jumping ability, you must establish a foundation that will help to make you successful at achieving the gains that you want.  Remember to progressively overload your muscles, use the effectiveness plyometric training, and finally, train fast.  If you follow these principles you will increase your jumping ability in no time.

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