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How To Tell If Your Snowmobile Track Is Worn Out

Getting your snowmobile ready for the riding season is a process of inspecting several areas and making sure they are safe and ready for the cold and snow. One of the areas that you will want to be sure and inspect is the track. A worn out track can not only lead to difficult riding when you need traction, but if it breaks while you are riding, can be downright dangerous.

Over the course of riding and miles your track will begin to degrade and eventually get to a point where it will need replacement.

If you see cracks in the rubber of your track this is called dry rot or weathering, this is a pre cursor to replacement. These cracks will get bigger and eventually will compromise the integrity of the track.

Check for missing track clips. If you see broken or missing track clips you should be able to just replace these without having to install a whole new track. Missing clips will cause your track to wear more quickly so you will want to make sure and replace the missing ones. These can be purchased at your local dealer.

Check for broken lugs. You could be have missing or damaged lugs for a couple different reasons. You may have hit something hard and damaged or torn the lug, or if your track is too deteriorated they will just begin to crack and break off with age. With a couple broken off or damaged you should still be OK, but as more break it will begin to affect your traction in the snow and on ice.

Be sure and store your snowmobile in a covered, dry storage area and remember to use a block or jack to slightly lift the snowmobile track off the ground to keep it from dry rotting too fast.

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