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How to Develop and Maintain High Moral Standards

Having and maintaining good and high moral standards is a must for any person who desires to experience God’s best in life. And yet, it is sadly lacking throughout the world. It seems as if many do not understand the power of living a life of integrity and soundness. It is imperative that we focus our attention upon principles that are right, constructive and ethical, so that we may influence the next generation to do the same. Living a life which lacks moral fiber is really living below our true essence and potential, for we are created for a higher purpose than mere existence.

Our seeming lack of self-control is the cause for much of the hurt, misery and destruction in the world today. And it takes temperance to live morally sound, even more so at this particular time. While many hold to the idea that everyone should just live as they desire, do what they want, when they want and be motivated by their feelings, weighing the consequences of such an idea, will bring the realization that this kind of thinking is the cause of much decay and problems in the world.

When we speak of developing and maintaining good morals, we are describing living a lifestyle of doing what is right, doing it because it is right, and doing it right.

For example, a morally sound person refuses to steal, because it is wrong and hurts others. A person of high moral integrity would not lie, because lying is destructive and hurts others. An individual who purposes to live by godly morals will not have sex before marriage, because it is wrong and against the principles which God has set.

Concerning developing and maintaining good, wholesome and godly morals, we are not speaking of depriving ourselves of all fun, but rather we are purposing that each of us should learn to evaluate the pros and cons of our decisions, and endeavor to make choices based upon the perspective of responsibility first and then pleasure. This balances life.

What are good, wholesome and godly morals? Different people have divers views about this subject matter. Some are right and proper, and then again, some should be refused and dismissed because of the missing ingredient of truth, which is the basis of real morality.

As it pertains to having good morals, here are a few facts to consider:

1. Responsibility should always govern our choices and modes of pleasure.
Pleasure without a sense of good judgement will prove fatal to the person who desires to maximize their purpose and potential in the earth. You will never reach the pinnacle of true success without having a moral base to stand upon.

2. Realize that being a moral person will set you apart.
It is true that many may consider you weird, strange and even somewhat of a nerd. But ensuring that you maintain your integrity and keeping yourself at a high moral standard will prepare the way for you to experience life as God intended from the beginning. Being a person of truth may not popular, but it will mark you as someone who can be trusted for your honesty.

3. Remember that pleasure delayed is not pleasure denied.
If you purpose that you will maintain sexual purity until marriage, you are not missing out on the fun of life. You are simply delaying a gratification until the proper time. And when the time is right, you will have that pleasure. But you will experience it at the moment which God set for it, in marriage, rather than doing it because it seems popular. Listen carefully: Popular is not always right. Put right over popularity and then being popular will have its proper place.

4. If you break your moral code to gain a place of power or prominence, you will find that it may be short-lived, and will catch up with you sometime in the future.
It is a proven fact that there is a law in the universe called, sowing and reaping. This does not just allude to sowing and reaping money, but rather to every area of life. We receive based upon what we give out. If we steal and lie and cheat to get to the top, it will catch up with us, and when it does, the suffering we will have to endure will be costly.

5. Don’t break your code of morality for friendships.
If you determine to be a person of high integrity and good morals, do not allow friends to move you from your stance. Friends may come and friends may go. But godly character is forever and will attract the right kind of friends your way. If someone refuses to be your friend because you choose to do what is right, because it is right, then that person may not be a friend at all.

6. Good and golden morals is based upon the truth as laid out in God’s Holy Word, the BIBLE. It is simply learning to live life by the standard which Almighty God set for us to live by. So, by upholding to His principles for living, we are pleasing Him and that in itself is well worth it. When we please God, we attract His favor into our lives.

7. Make decisions based upon what you know is right, not based upon how you feel. Feelings change all the time. What is right never changes. Truth is constant.

8. Be a Purposeful Person.
Learn to think things through and plan your life. Set goals for yourself and stick to them. Make sure that those goals do not violate any law of God or man. Tweak your goals as necessary, but make the essence of them concrete, based upon the truth of God’s Word and what you know in your heart to be right. Feelings are not always based upon truth, so, as I said before, they cannot always be trusted.

9. Having and maintaining high moral standards will enable you to hold your head high, even when others cannot. Shame is the result of doing things that are wrong, ungodly and unwholesome. When you do what is right, you can rest assured that God is pleased with you. So never let anyone make you feel bad for having high ethics and good moral character.

10. Do not pretend. Be real. If you are going maintain good morals in public, make sure that you practice the same in private. No one likes a hypocrite. So maintain your integrity, regardless of whether someone is looking or not. If you are saying one thing in public but behaving to the contrary in private, beware lest it becomes public knowledge. For as I said before, sowing and reaping is a law. Whatever you sow will grow up and produce a harvest.

In conclusion, God gave you life and He intends that you live it to His glory. So be careful to read His Word, the BIBLE, and practice developing and maintaining good morals everyday. You will be glad you did.

Source by Sheldon D. Newton

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