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How to Choose a Wall Clock

When people go shopping to choose a clock for their home, most people immediately think about functionality, and another additional factor at the time of purchase, which is the price. However, that is mostly a wrong approach regarding wall clocks. Wall clocks are more a piece of decoration than a useful clock, especially antique ones.

If you start looking, you’ll see that there are thousands of wall clocks on the market, which has nothing to do with common plastic watches. Today, people want their home with a modern look since it represents their life-style and they choose according to their own style. This is the right way to go.

That is why there are so many reasons to seek wall clocks that match with your style and home decor. So, the question we should ask ourselves is what kind of decorative clocks can be found in the market?

The first thing to decide when buying a wall clock is the size you wish to have. The larger wall clocks have different sizes, but generally range from as little as 10 and up to 40 inches or more. This obviously requires having space on the walls.

A wall clock will be quite striking and will catch every guest’s attention, however remember that if the room is already overloaded, this is not a good option. If you have plenty of space, a clear and simple wall clock to match the rest of the decoration can be a unique piece.

Another type of clock that can be a bit more discreet is the wooden wall clock. This type of clock is ideal for any room that is decorated around natural materials. Within wooden clocks, there are several types of different kinds of woods, colors, shapes and textures. It all depends on your preferences and budget to go for one or the other. But, please, avoid buying imitation wood. A clock attracts plenty of attention, and you don’t want your visitors looking at a piece of plastic, do you? You are left to choose the one you like, and combine it with the rest of the decoration at home.

If you are more interested or your profile leans more toward the nautical theme, it is possible to go shopping for metal as a material of choice. For a more modern look, you may choose more shiny metals like glass or brass.

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