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How Much Should I Pay For Deer Fencing?

Choosing a deer fence to keep deer out of a protected area does not have to be a costly and time consuming process. Nor does it even have to be a permanent installation. Fortunately a deer is large enough that a fence does not have to have a weave of fencing really small such as would be the case in fencing out rabbits, but having a small weave to keep out smaller critters is a benefit. Deer are strong and can jump very high. Where a five or six foot fence would keep out many other woodland creatures, a deer fence needs to be at least seven and a half feet high. It needs to be constructed of fencing material that cannot be broken or trampled by the hooves of deer. A hungry and determined deer can destroy poor fencing in a matter of seconds.

Deer are not considered aggressive, so this mindset is in place as property owners are considering what type of fencing is needed to keep them out. In order to break that mindset, consider that every year there are people gored to death by male deer. Antlers and hooves can wreak havoc on flesh or fence. Also, many protected areas are isolated in that they cannot be watched constantly. This allows much time for deer to destroy fencing.

To adequately fence in a large garden costs about $700.00. This includes a 330 foot roll of incredibly strong fence that will enclose a square garden that is 82.5 feet on each side or a rectangle or other shape that does not exceed more than a total of 330 feet. This price includes sturdy posts to mount the fence fabric as well as ground stakes that will keep the fencing from being pushed up from the bottom, heavy duty locking ties and white warning banners. Fencing is available in an eight foot height for a few dollars more that adds an additional half foot of protection against jumping deer.

Superior deer fencing is no longer made of metal. Technological advances in polymers allow fencing to be made lightweight and flexible yet strong enough to turn away the most determined deer. A 330 foot roll of deer fence only weighs about 47 pounds but has a breaking strength approaching 600 pounds per square foot of fence. Modern deer fencing can be more easily installed and is available at much lower cost than options available just a few years ago. There is no need to let the deer ruin anything.

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