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How Does an Ultrasonic Elcometer Work?

In the industrial field, some materials are needed to cover on coatings, so it’s important to control them as manufacturers want. The thickness of coating cannot always be determined by direct measurement.

1. The use of ultrasonic elcometer

The ultrasonic elcometer is used to measure it. As the front surface of material will reflect ultrasonic waves, the thickness of coating can be measured easily by an ultrasonic elcometer. Through this advanced coating measurement technology, it’s easy to monitor the uniformity of thickness effectively, and it also can check if the thickness is suitable for the design specifications.

2. The main parts of an ultrasonic elcometer

The ultrasonic one has two main parts, the host and the transducer. The host circuit consists of transmitter circuit, receiver circuit and display counted circuit. They manage this product to run properly. The transducer is work end of the ultrasonic one. It transmits and receives ultrasonic sound waves that elcometer uses to calculate the thickness of coating.

3. The principle of ultrasonic elcometer

The ultrasonic one is designed according to the principle of ultrasonic sound waves reflection. The high pressure waves are generated by the transmitter circuit excite transducer, and then it transmits ultrasonic sound waves. When the ultrasonic waves reach the material surface, it will be reflected back to the transducer. After receiving the pulse by receiver circuit, the microcontroller will treat these digital signals and display the thickness value through the LCD. In calculating of thickness, the delay between echoes of ultrasonic waves at the transducer -face is equal to the time needed to pass through the coating twice, so the real thickness is the ultrasonic waves velocity in the coating multiplied by half the time. This result is the real distance.

4. The advantages of ultrasonic elcometer

It can finish the measurement after only one side of the coating being measured, and this is the principal advantage of this product. Since the measurement is quick and easy, each sample can be measured on more regions, and the product can greatly increase the measurement points. Measuring a large amount of samples during the production can be greatly improved.

5. Notices in using the ultrasonic elcometer

As such measured value is often very small, it’s important to ensure that there are no air gaps between the transducer and the surface. Besides, pay attention to the change of velocity of ultrasonic waves in different coatings.

Now you have enough knowledge about it. Go and have a try.

Source by Florence Foo

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