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How Do You Create Social Media Momentum?

With the number of social media channels that you have to choose from, it is often difficult to figure out which ones are right for your business, not to mention using those channels to gain valuable connections and to bring your business to the next level. Creating a momentum is very important and very valuable. Remember to start small but make sure that what you are doing is exciting.

Creating the most effective formula for your business

There is a definite science behind getting your content out there using your social media channels. You will need to determine not only where you want to post the content but also exactly when (time, the day of the week, etc) you want to post your content for maximum impact. The truth is that your posting schedule may not be exactly the same as the next person’s schedule.

However, you will need to figure out what works most effectively for your particular business. For example, you may want to steer clear of Mondays and Fridays (for obvious reasons). The number of blog articles (or whichever type of content you choose to post) will not necessarily be the same for each person either. However, your commitment to posting a consistent number of blogs at the same time each week is extremely important for your business.

The fact is that you want to get the most positive results from your postings. You can achieve that most readily by having control over what and how you are posting that content. As far as the number of social media channels is concerned, you may choose to send your content to all of those channels at once or to post your content to one, see how that goes, and then post to the next channels after the first one has taken off. Both approaches have the potential to work effectively. It all depends on your particular business. You will certainly be the best judge of which approach works better for your business.

At this point, you may be wondering how you can possibly build social media momentum for your business. Well, there are a few concepts that you will need to establish before you begin to see results. However, don’t despair. It shouldn’t take too long before you start to see results.

  • You need to establish social proof: Social proof means that people pay close attention to how other people are acting so that they understand how to act in any given situation. Social proof is an extremely important concept because it drives so many situations based on the behavior of other people (and of your behavior).

  • You need to be a part of the loyalty loop: Loyalty (as a concept) is never a constant. It comes and goes. With any luck, of course, the people with whom you establish loyalty will continue to be loyal to you. However, you should not be satisfied with only those people being loyal to you and your brand. Of course, you want to acquire additional loyal clients over time so that you strengthen your list of loyalists. There are a few different ways in which you can expand that list and the growth generally occurs in stages.

    • You grow your list of loyalists: As more people begin to understand your value as a brand and as a business, they will sign on and become loyal to your brand as well. Of course, you need to remember that one of the main reasons why they become loyalists to your brand is because of the social proof that was mentioned earlier. If other people are dedicated to your brand, they will become dedicated as well. It probably will not take much convincing either.

    • Your content reaches a plateau: The reality is that your content can only go so far with a finite number of target audience members. The only solution to improving that situation is to generate new loyal audience members. If you are able to achieve that, your content will never totally plateau. It will constantly be evolving in a positive direction.

    • The impact of your content becomes diluted: This is another scenario that you want to avoid whenever possible. You don’t want the impact to slow down and you don’t want it to become diluted. You want it to continue to make a strong impact and if you do it correctly, you will hopefully be able to accomplish that. That is why it is so critical to your brand and to your business to constantly be able to offer fresh content. The more you offer, the better your chances will be of maintaining a level of constant progress.

The steps of social momentum

  • Wrap your mind around what your audience wants and needs: There are many different ways in which you can get your hands on this information. Some of the information that will be useful to you is: whether your content is being read, which articles have made the biggest impact, in which groups is your content creating the most positive reaction, which social media channels are the most effective, which analytics are showing the most positive results, etc.

  • Spreading your content: You can take two possible approaches to sharing your content, do it one at a time or do it simultaneously. Only you know which one will work most effectively for your business.

  • Leverage your content properly: It is important to know how to leverage your content. It won’t necessarily come naturally to you although it is extremely important that you do it. If you aren’t sure about what to do, you should do some research so that you know what to do for the best results possible.

  • Maintaining the momentum once it starts: What you are after is the momentum for your brand through your social media channels. That means that you need to know what to do with the momentum once it shows up. You need to use it to fortify your social proof.

  • Watch carefully for any indication that your content has plateaued or slowed down: If you see any of that, you will need to work hard on increasing your list of loyalists. You know how to do it. All you need to do now is to make it happen.


Establishing social media momentum (after establishing social proof) is very important for your brand. It is also critical for you to remember that once you have created social media momentum, you need to find a way to maintain it over time. Your momentum is based on your online connections and how they react to what you are offering, which makes sense. The foundation is social and you will want to work your connections to their highest potential.

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