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Heal Bruises & Injuries With Energy, Herbal & Crystal Healing

Now we all get bumps and bruises from many different things and in many different places, some more noticeable and some more painful them others. How do you go about healing them so that they do not stay around for long periods of time? I have found a wonderful combination of exercises to use to help heal bruises especially a lot more quickly and effortlessly them letting them heal on their own.

This is a combination of herbal healing, crystal healing and energy healing. You do not have to use all three to have them heal quicker, as using just one or two of the three forms will help in speeding up the healing process.

When you first get injured, or as soon as you can afterwards, you want to start running Reiki energy to help bring down any swelling until you can get to your other items. This will help in the energetic damage that was done to the physical and aura fields. This is always best to start with. If the injury is something more severe, such as a broken bone, wait until the injury is set before starting the energy. This is common practice for Reiki usage.

When you can get to your herbal and crystal supplies, next put on some Arnica gel on the area as soon as possible. Arnica is a wonderful thing to help reduce the pain and the bruising. This comes in other forms, but have found the gel format to be the easiest and best to use.

Next you want to use your Hematite and Petrified Wood. Make sure they are all cleansed from any prior use before starting. You can to place the Hematite directly on the area and the Petrified Wood surrounding the area. If this is some place near an outlet for the energy to flow, such as the bruising is on your leg near your foot, you can place the Hematite at your foot chakra and the Petrified Wood surrounding the bruised area. The Hematite will draw out the negative energy from the injury and the Petrified Wood will help aid this as well as heal the energy imprint and align the energy area.

Remember you do not have to use all three, but when it has been used in this trio the results are amazing. But even just using one or two is better then nothing. So help heal your energy fields and keep them healthy!

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