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He Who Controls the Information Controls the World

Many believe that there is significant money to be made in the control, restriction and regulation of information. Some have said; He Who Controls the Information Controls the World. Indeed they may both be correct. We have all heard the saying; He Who Controls the Media Controls the Minds of the People. That is true enough for sure.

Can someone get rich by controlling the flow of information? Perhaps they can and many already have. There are many techniques for this, however, limiting flow of information, also limits ones growth, even being first to market in a specific sub-sector. Thus those who have set up information portals and websites, which restrict information of some type stand a lot to gain from it.

Of course the information must be superior in perceived quality other wise the information source will be passed by others with a quantity balanced approach to quality. I say perceived because I do not believe wearing a tie and suit in a photo, sporting a PhD or even writing a book makes someone an expert.

In the future there will be fakers and true information brokers making a lot of money in the virtual space. If these information entrepreneurs restrict the flow; like an afterburner they can see their profits blast into the future. But if they restrict the flow too tight then the pressure will find another outlet, the pipeline will burst and the information will find another way. This is how flows work in nature and this is how information works too. So, consider all this in 2006.

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