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Guardrail Safety Statistics

A guardrail may be installed whenever a municipal or state government aims to protect drivers on a public road from running-off-road accidents. In legal terms, many agencies can even be held responsible if they do not install these protective barriers. These devices have shown throughout safety studies that the guardrails can sharply decrease the chance of fatal or injurious accidents due to vehicles driving off of the road.

In particular, a study published in 2007 by the Federal Highway Administration, an agency under the US Department of Transportation, illustrated the importance of guardrail use. According to this study, which offer a comprehensive look at various safety strategies to reduce off-road injury, guardrails played a significant role in reducing injury. While only 7 percent of accidents were prevented because of a guardrail, 45 percent of injuries or fatalities could be avoided due to the employment of a guardrail.

The most dangerous part of a run-off-road accident does not involve the motorcycle necessarily running off of an asphalt pavement. Instead, the possibility for a collision with a stationary object such as a tree, signpost, or lamp poses an extreme danger for motorists. By placing a guardrail between these dangerous objects and traffic, the government can reduce the possibility of a high-speed collision with these roadside hazards.

Motorcycle collisions are already extremely dangerous, but the lack of a barrier to prevent a full-speed collision can prove fatal. For more information regarding the use of these devices as a roadside protection, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

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