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Great Sex – Better Performance and More Satisfying Orgasms For Men and Women With These Herbs!

If you want to enjoy great sex and achieve more staying power and better orgasms you can and the herbs enclosed will help both men and women enjoy better sex naturally and quickly – let’s look at how and why they work…

Both men and women can suffer from the following problems which cause low libido and dissatisfaction with sex. Here are the common problems and then we will look at the herbs that can help.

Both men and women need testosterone, it’s seen as a male sex hormone but it’s also vital for women to. Elevated levels of stress and low body energy kill sex drive and body energy needs to be increased and the mind relaxed for you to enjoy sex.

Libido, performance and satisfaction are all reliant on strong blood circulation.

Simply put, when you become aroused, you need a lot of blood to be delivered to the sex organs where it then needs to be let in to swell them, ready for sex.

While you need strong blood circulation to the sex organs you need plenty of nitric oxide to let it in, as this chemical when secreted, allows the blood vessels that feed the sex organs to expand, then widen and the blood rushes in and swells them.

It’s a fact that a man cannot get an erection without enough of it and women need it to fully enjoy sex.

So what herbs can help?

There are many and here we have outlined some of the best for both men and women which tackle the above problems and are found in all the best herbal sex pills.

Horny Goat Weed

A great herb which tackles libido problems in three ways. It increases both testosterone and nitric oxide levels and helps to fight stress and increase overall body energy.


Increases nitric oxide in the body and acts to nourish the blood and circulate it strongly to the sex organs.


This herb enhances testosterone levels and works to circulate blood more strongly around the body. On a mental level it enhances mood, decreases stress and relieves fatigue to make you in the mood for sex. One of the best body tonic herbs you can take.


Known as “Indian Ginseng,” another great herb which acts as an overall body tonic and has been used for thousands of years to increase libido. The herb acts to minimize the effects of stress, enhances immunity levels and helps increase energy levels. In essence, it promotes sexual and reproductive balance and is legendary for its affect on libido.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo improves overall blood flow around the body. It also keeps the blood vessels healthy and free form furring and obstructions which can slow blood circulation. It also acts as a tonic herb enhancing energy levels, fighting stress and lifts mood.

Get them ALL In the Best Herbal Sex Pills

The above combination of herbs works and will help you enjoy great sex and not only that they will make you feel better so, you get more from sex and more from life and they do it naturally and safely, just as nature intended.

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