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Getting Extra Mileage From Your Social Media Engagement

There is no doubt that content is king; however, there are so many other ways that you can get mileage from the top-quality content that you post. Social media is an amazing tool that can help you to really take your content to new heights. There is no reason that your content (which you have made such a tremendous effort to write) shouldn’t keep working for your business over and over again.

The many uses of your social media channels

Social media is (and has been for quite a while now) here to stay and it is also continually evolving to offer people (and businesses) more and more opportunities. Social media is an extremely powerful tool and if you are not aware of all of the capabilities of the various social media channels, it is time for you to educate yourself on what it can do for your business and how it will help you to bring your business to the next level.

Even though social media is social in nature (and relationships are at the heart of its success), it is a wonderful way to connect with people who may eventually become your clients. If you have a solid circle of connections, you can rely on those people to bounce your ideas off of and to really gain insights and perspectives other than your own.

There is a comfort level with social media and many people who may not be comfortable expressing themselves in person will be much more willing to do so through social media. The other big advantage of social media is that you are able to build personal relationships with other people and to really get to know one another.

Going back to that comfort level, if a person has something that is on his or her mind (in a negative way), the person will be much more likely to express that in writing (the person will not even have to state his or her name). The anonymity builds courage. The alternative for the person is that he or she remains silent, which is not a good alternative at all. In many cases, social media is a last resort for that person as far as communicating their experience and their opinion).

Your connections can be far-reaching

As a business owner, you probably understand that your success, in part, is due to your ability to provide exemplary customer service for your clients. A large part of that involves your ability to engage with those people through social media. That is the adhesive that keeps your relationship together.

Of course, there are many other aspects of the relationship that help to solidify your connection with the other person as well. With all relationships, you must connect with the other person in order for that relationship to flourish. If what you are saying (and the experiences that you have had) do not resonate with the other person, there will be no foundation upon which to build the relationship.

It is critical to your relationship together that you communicate clearly that you are a human being first and that the other person’s feelings are your first priority. If you can establish that human bond, your relationship will succeed. That is exactly why you need to be extremely precise when it comes to communicating about your brand and about what you stand for and believe in. If you can touch the other person, they will be yours.

Establish a prominence within your social community

Your business (just like all businesses) need to have a solid structure and a solid strategy. Additionally, you need to have influencers who are connected to you and who are role models for your other online connections. Your brand is an essential part of your relationship with the other person. If you can get the other person to believe in your brand, they will believe in you and in your business.

That is exactly how you build a sense of loyalty in the other person. Even though your initial connection with the other person is professional in nature, you will find that the way that you related to each other has a strong personal element as well. Always remember to be polite, genuine, and respectful. Manner really do go a very long way. It is extremely important that you treat the other person as a person, not just as a business connection or a client. Although all of those aspects of the relationship are important, you still need to keep the human side of it in focus.

Customize your message for each person

There is really no such thing as “one size fits all” in this world. That also applies to the business world. When it comes to the way in which you interact with other people, the same concept applies. Each person sees things a little bit differently from the other person.

Although your brand and your offerings don’t change frequently (of course, they do evolve, however), the way that you relate to the other person and the way in which you communicate what you are offering will change for different people. Your thinking should be flexible enough to allow for those changes and to make sure that you make each person feel as though he or she is the only one who is important to you and to your business.


Social media has so much potential for you and for your business. Engaging with other people as much as possible is an amazing way to tap into a large part of that potential. Another important thing to remember is that you should always show the other person how human you are, just like the other person, before you show him or her anything else. If you aren’t aware of all that it can do for you, it is time to explore everything that you can so that you can make an intelligent decision about which features will benefit your business the most. Of course, if you can do that, you will be offering a value-added service to other people as well.

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