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First Aluminium Nigeria Plc
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First Aluminium Nigeria plc, often referred to as FAN, is one of the first Nigerian listed companies.
with registration number RC2288, FAN started with the production of aluminium sheets and has introduced aluminium roofing in Nigeria and has set the standards for it.

The Company took its present name First Aluminium Nigeria Plc in 1991 and became quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1992.

In 1960 the remelt and rolling mills operations started in Port Harcourt.
Being one of the very few vertically integrated aluminium companies in Nigeria, First Aluminium can guarantee the quality of the product, from alloy composition to the installation of the roof.

First Aluminium does not compromise on quality.
Because of this, we use the superior ‘Stucco’ embossing method for our sheets. Embossing is the mechanical deformation of the surface of the sheet to give it the needed mechanical properties, such as strength.
Where other suppliers use a less effective ‘Diamond’ pattern, First Aluminium will only supply the ‘Stucco’ pattern.

The same goes for the thickness (‘gauge’) of the sheets. The minimum norm in Nigeria, set by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), for roofing sheets is 0.40mm. First Aluminium will not supply roofing sheets below this norm.

Nowadays FAN is still the market leader in aluminium sheets in Nigeria and also supply roofing sheets and execute roofing projects. Being one of the few vertically integrated aluminium companies, First Aluminium controls the whole process from the chemical composition of the aluminium alloy to the installation of the roof. Thereby we can guarantee the highest quality available in the Nigerian market.

First Aluminium is also one of the main players in Nigeria in the production and distribution of packaging tubes for the healthcare and cosmetics industry

Our goal is to serve our customers with highest quality products that really add value to them and surpasses their expectations.

‘Quality you can trust’ is the motto our customers have rewarded First Aluminium with.
We are proud that all employees work together in order to constantly strive to maintain that position.

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