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Facelift In 60 Minutes Or Less – A Look At Thermage And Other Facial Treatments

Thermage is being heavily hyped as the “Lunch Hour Facelift” or the “Non-surgical Facelift.” However, just because Thermage has a marketing bonanza behind it, does that make the best for your skin? Thermage does offer great results, but other non-surgical treatments such as Titan(TM), Fraxel®, or IPL Photofacial have also been found to be effective. In the end, you might find that there’s no clear winner between Thermage, Titan, Fraxel, or Photofacial.

Why Thermage has Become so Popular

Thermage is really picking up press mainly because it’s so different. Thermage, Fraxel, and IPL are all light-based treatments, whereas Thermage uses radio frequencies. New technologies always get the media hype. Thermage’s debut has definitely made the skincare world abuzz with laser clinics, medical spas, and dermatologists all signing up. However, Thermage treatments and laser treatments basically do the same thing: increase collagen productions. Instead of light energy, however, Thermage uses radio frequencies to accomplish the same thing. Thermage is also FDA approved for skin tightening which adds to its allure. Titan, whose treatments are very similar, is not FDA approved for skin tightening, but instead approved for muscle relief.

Thermage vs. Titan

Titan is really the closest treatment to Thermage in terms of what it can actually provide. Titan uses infrared light to tighten skin around the face. In regards to technical power, Thermage has Titan beaten hands down. Thermage’s radio frequencies are more powerful, require fewer treatments, and simulate collagen production for a longer period of time. Titan, however, can provide a little more control. One complaint with Thermage is that it can sometimes cause dimpling. Titan laser treatments have a more even dispersal of energy.

Other Lunch Hour Facelifts?

Besides Thermage, other non-surgical facelifts include Fraxel and IPL Photofacial. Fraxel is a brand of fractional laser resurfacing. Other kinds laser skin resurfacing are also available, but Fraxel has become the most popular because it offers very little downtime. IPL Photofacial isn’t really considered a non-surgical facelift treatment. It can, however, help eliminate some facial wrinkling. Photofacial is definitely the least powerful of these treatments, but it’s also the least dangerous and the least expensive.

You should keep in mind that Thermage and Titan can eliminate some facial creasing, but not all. These treatments also work best on younger skin, those of you in your 30’s or 40’s. Cases with more prominent wrinkling will probably see little to no results with either Thermage or Titan. The best thing you can do is so what your local laser clinic or medspa can provide because no matter which one you choose, any of these energy treatments might be able to provide the lift that you’re looking for.

Source by Mia Hepburn

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