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Essence of Communication Skills

When we talk of communication skills, the first and the foremost thing that comes to our mind is fluency. ‘Fluency’ is one of the many aspects that good communication skills consist of. While fluency is very much important in verbal communication, its peer part, that is, good hand-writing is important in written communication.

Whether we communicate verbally or through writing, our purpose is to convey our message to others. So, a good communication skill would, definitely, mean how easily we can convey this message. This, in turn, means that message has to be unambiguous, clear and precise. Saying a thing in round-about fashion i.e. not to the point and with multiple meanings is considered as bad communication.

To add impact to your verbal communication, avoid flat tone. Instead modulate your voice to match your sentences. You verbal communication should include low and high pitch with appropriate delays in-between words. You should neither shout nor whisper. But, you should be audible. Also, your facial expressions and gestures should be in accordance to your words.

Therefore, if you want to improve your communication skills then have sound knowledge of the language you choose for communication. Good grammatical knowledge is important for both oral and written communication skill. Grammatical errors can sometimes be tolerated in verbal communication but not always.

If you know the grammar well then fluency will automatically come. Initially, you may not be fluent but gradually you may acquire it. Hesitation can be one of the reason that bars fluency. Keep communicating with no hesitation. Analyze your previous communications for the mistakes you did. You may record your conversation for this purpose or may ask a friend to help you in this matter. Try to remove these faults and soon you will become fluent. Listen to audio-video programs and communicate with other people as much as possible in that language.

So, a good communication skill means a precise and unambiguous communication that is grammatically right and delivered through well modulated voice or in neat and legible hand-writing with your expressions matching your conversation. What if written communication is not hand-written? So, if written communication is typed one or electronically delivered then also you need to take care of proper font face and font size which is readable. Here, font color and font style are expressive of your communication.

My best wishes for happy and good communicating…

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