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Enjoying Your Bike Lights

Bike Lights and Preventing Accidents

Bike lights are a simple and effective way to keep cycling related accidents down. Many accidents involving cyclists occur at night time because the rider is either not using bike lights at all or they are of poor quality. If a driver of another vehicle is unable to see a cyclist at speed in the dark it can often spell bad news for the cyclist. That is why it is important to ensure that as a cyclist you have both front and rear lights working in good order, especially in the winter months as the nights become darker a lot earlier. Longer bouts of darkness mean that you’ll be using them more often that in the summer months. To ensure maximum safety you should always make sure your lights are in good condition and keep them clean. As a result you’ll be able to see what’s ahead of you clearer but also those heading toward you will have plenty of time to see you. With that in mind you should always ensure you have a spare set of batteries handy. The last thing you want to come across as a cyclist is being stranded in a place you’re unfamiliar with, with no light source.

Fun for the whole Family

Cycling is a great way to spend the day, either as a passionate rider that takes cycling seriously or as a family. In particular cycling is popular amongst families in the summer months as the days are lighter for longer. It can be easy to forget the time when having fun together and before you know it you could be miles away from home with the sun setting fast. Make sure this doesn’t cause you or your family members a problem and ensure that everyone has bike lights fitted. By doing this you will increase the safety of the whole family ensuring clear visibility to yourselves and to others around you.

Buying the Right Bike Lights

There’s a bike light to suit everyone’s needs; some may use it daily to make their way to and from work, others will embark on regular rides off road where as some may prefer the occasional weekend ride with friends and family. Most popular is the LED variation, most popular as they range in budget, from the very cheap to the expensive and are extremely versatile. They can be used as a bike light or removed to be used as a conventional flashlight. They also have incredible battery life, lasting up to 110000 hours and are more catered to riders that will be cycling in areas with other ambient lighting. There are also halogen bike lights that are mainly used for mountain biking, omitting a large amount of light clearly lighting up everything in front of you. However they tend to be large in size, heavy and use battery power quicker than LED’s. Lastly there are dynamo bike lights that harness power from the rider from friction, usually something a cyclist tries to avoid.

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