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Eliminate Odors From the Air and Fabrics With Febreze Air Freshener Products

There are times when unpleasant odors take over the room. These odors, such as musty odors, pet odors, food odors, bathroom odors, or smoke odors, can enter the air or fabrics and need to be eliminated to make a room fresh and inviting. Even the toughest of odors can be eliminated from air or fabrics quickly with Febreze Air Freshener Products. The Febreze line of air freshener products has been eliminating the worst smells in homes, offices and anywhere else foul odors are found for over 10 years, leaving behind clean, pleasant scents.

Febreze odor eliminating products are strong enough to eliminate the toughest of stenches because they have a patented “binding technology.” The special binding technology scientifically locks freshness onto odor molecules, trapping them and eliminating them on contact. The Febreze line of products that use the binding technology include Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener to freshen the air and Febreze Deep Penetrating Fabric Refresher and Odor Eliminator to freshen fabrics such as furniture, curtains, rugs, mattresses, and any other cloth in the room.

To clean and freshen the air, Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener is a spray that eliminates odors immediately upon contact. Febreze Air Effects is ideal for removing musky and stale odors from the air in the home or office, leaving a refreshing and pleasant scent behind. Odors are eliminated and rooms are freshened instantaneously with a spray of Febreze Air Effects because odors are swept away with the patented binding technology that leaves a clean, fresh scent in any room. Even the toughest of odors, including tough bathroom, cooking, smoking, and pet odors, can be eliminated from the air with one spray of Air Effects. There are 18 fresh-smelling scents to choose from, so everyone can find one to enjoy.

For fabrics, Febreze Fabric Refresher and Febreze Odor Eliminator is the perfect tool for removing odors from fabrics in vehicles, smoking areas, carpets, upholstery, sports equipment, furniture, clothing, or any fabric that needs freshening. Febreze Deep Penetrating Fabric Refresher-Odor Eliminator also uses the proprietary binding technology cleaning system that goes down deep in the fabric to the source of the smell and eliminates it. The clean, fresh scent binds and locks onto the smoke odor, pet odor, musty odor, or whatever smell is making a fabric smell bad and traps it for good. What is left behind is a light, fresh scent that leaves any treated fabric area smelling fresh and clean. Febreze Fabric Refresher is strong on odors but safe for virtually all fabrics. As part of a routine cleaning regimen, a mist of Febreze Fabric Refresher as you move through each room is the perfect tool to eliminate odors and leave fabrics smelling fresh and clean.

A mist of Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener in the air along with a mist of Febreze Deep Penetrating Fabric Refresher and Odor Eliminator on fabrics will freshen each and every room. It is that easy to eliminate unpleasant smells from the air and in fabrics with Febreze Air Freshener Products.

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