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Dress the Walls and Floors With the Vivid Cotto Look Porcelain Tiles

The unfamiliar ‘cotto’ is a take on the good old terracotta. Everybody adores that antique reddish-brown look and feel. Traditions honored by time have not really vanished, but flourish in our midst, unseen and unknown, like old wine in refreshing new manifestations. The good old terracotta has been revived with a clever cement stone look finishing. The shades of rust similar to the old hues stand out resplendent, and create outstanding walls and floors with a rich patina.

Take a closer look at Cotto Look Porcelain. Consider the large range of available designs and soft colors. Plan your own settings, how you would combine and match tile formations in the different areas of the residence or business premises. A little bit of mismatching may be in keeping with contemporary values since everybody seems to be making a splash with bold colors and riotous designs.

Cotto Look Porcelain offers a range of serene rusts and reds besides the sparkling whites. The muted shades do bring an aura of peace, suitable for home and working environments. Loud colors and sensationalism would require the matching and contrasting of other tile patterns, perhaps with gaudy glass tiles unless marble is preferred for stunning effects. Much depends upon the particular entrance, accent wall, hall or bedroom, kitchen or bathroom that requires the makeover.

Capella Red Brick 2X10 Porcelain would create a stunning accent wall, perhaps with a contrasting Capella White Brick 2X10 Porcelain border. A square or rectangle surrounded by a contrasting border would create a piece of heaven. Capella Taupe is mesmerizing too, like on the floor. A more mellow effect would be the result of installing Capella Ivory Brick with a faded look that is so much the rage in our times. Some other lighter shades with no complexities are Capella Birch and Capella Talc.

Perhaps a little more boldness is necessary and that could be achieved with the darker shades. Capella Java, Stable and Ash present matte or glazed surfaces and would provide powerful style statements besides all the advantages of the very durable porcelain. Being as cost effective as $4 or $5 per square foot, the old world porcelain magic survives to this day in enormous dimensions. Technology has enabled us to create enigmatic designs that resemble stone, wood and cement finishes, but what lies beneath is what humanity loves the most. Make Cotto Look Porcelain your exciting new partner in the home or office decor.

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