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DLF IT Park in Chennai

Chennai is well known for its reputation in IT industry. Here the people are well trained in developing IT software’s. It is among the largest IT sector in India. There are several programmers who are working here in some or other projects. The city is well recognized to export about fifty percent software products. There are many software companies in Chennai. This city is growing rapidly in building new software’s projects. DLF is a real estate company which is among the best in developing buildings, revenues, market capitalization and earnings. It has made its powerful position in developing area from the last 64 years with satisfying his customers by their services. The company is running successfully with over completed development of about 238 million square feet and planned projects of about 413 million square feet out of which 56 million projects are under construction. It is responsible in developing DLF IT Park in Chennai.

There are many IT parks which have been developed by DLF. Chennai has marked its position of a leader in IT industry. DLF has raised its standard globally by its tremendous success by developing projects and DLF IT Park. Its constructed properties are among the best in the world. When it comes to develop property most of the IT companies choose DLF which further includes other National and International companies like Microsoft, GE, Hewitt, Citibank, Canon, Hewitt, Bank of America etc which prefer DLF for their projects. DLF has owned its name in the field of developing projects and IT parks nationally and internationally. DLF has now made its entry in Chennai projects especially for IT sector. The DLF IT Park Chennai goes on functional with 4.10 lakh square feet of space which is for Symantec from which 2.50 lakh square feet was taken by US based security software company.

The officials of DLF has committed to plan more DLF IT Park Chennai, with some of the other IT parks to be constructed in Hyderabad, Nagpur, Pune, Sonepat and Kolkata. DLF has planned to develop about 100 million square feet space project which is expected to be completed in the next seven to eight years. The local director of the South India Head of Markets, Corporate Solutions, Mr. Ramesh Nair, the project hiring agents; Jones Lang LaSalle who is works for IT Park said that the project would be developed according to the client’s capability. It is expected that about six million square feet of the area would be made accessible in the next two to three years. The international property consultant, Jones Lang LaSalle had also made the commitment in getting the property for DLF. The DLF has made the dynamic disaster management plan for its projects.

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