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Disadvantages Of Solar Power

The disadvantages of solar power are almost non-existent these days. However, there have been a few problems in the past and a couple minor issues that still exist today. The cost of the solar panels and batteries in past years was quite high. Also the area required for the panels was limiting who could use them to people with large roofs. The biggest disadvantage of solar power is that the sun itself goes down!

The cost of solar panels when they were invented was one of the biggest disadvantages of solar power, but in recent years there has been a huge drop in prices of solar powered systems and you can save even more by building your own. With the advances in technology, solar panels have become much more efficient and smaller in comparison to their predecessors. This means you get more energy while the sun is up using a much smaller area. In reality, the disadvantages of solar power are outweighed by the advantages.

For instance: My family is currently producing approximately 65% of our home’s electricity from solar panels that I personally constructed for less than $200. The project took me approximately 2 hours to do by simply following step by step instructions with no previous experience with solar energy or electronics. We saved over $100 on our first month’s power bill and the solar panels paid for themselves the following month. From my own personal example you can see that the disadvantages of solar energy are very small.

My recommendation for anyone who is on the fence about solar energy is to stop looking at the disadvantages of solar power and start looking at all the things it can do for you. Beyond saving you money every month on your power bill, solar energy also benefits the environment and helps stop global warming and other environmental damages associated with the consumption of other energy sources. The best thing about it is once you have setup a inexpensive you never have to worry about fueling it again, the sun will continue to power it for years and years.

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