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Differences Between Black Mold And Mildew

Many people do not identify mold and mildew together. In all honesty, mold is exactly like mildew. Both are similar and both can be toxic if inhaled. The thing about mold and mildew is that they both are moisture type molds. This means they will amplify and grow in moist environments. Mildew which is usually green can also be many different colors. Like mold which is usually black or sometimes white. Can also be many variations of color. Many times in inspections there are molds that are growing on walls and are pink, white, black, and every other color of the rainbow. This just means that these molds are different species and are growing at different time frames. In most cases when viewing mold on a wall there is usually the most important thing to remember. You will notice next to the mold that there is usually water staining. If you see water staining this is where the source of your black mold problem is coming from.

Mildew and black mold all grow from some sort of water source. They will attach themselves to building materials because the building material is the source of food for the mold and mildew. If you do not act quickly in removing this mold it will then reproduce a natural defense called myotoxins. Once the mold creates this defense system it is now considered toxic mold which can cause harmful if not fatal health issues.A lot of times basement and house mold grows because of high humidity. During inspections an inspector will always focus on high humidity areas to find the source of the mold. The challenge is after finding the source of the black mold. Is literally cleaning it and removing it correctly. In this situation you have two options. You either will use a remediation company. Or you will use a natural mold removal product. A remediation company maybe beneficial, but if the problem is not huge then it is recommended to simply use an effective mold removal product. The best mold cleaning product is one that will remove mold and also block it from growing again. Black mold needs a food source so if you do not remove the food source it will come back to haunt you.

In order to effectively remove black mold and other toxic spores from basement and indoors, you need to focus on the source of the problem. Black mold and mildew are similar and both enjoy being inside of wet environments. Mildew and black mold grow on most building materials and like high humidity areas. In order to effectively remove the black mold in basements, homes, bathrooms, and other parts, you literally need to find the source of the problem and attack it full on. Inside of your home has a certain temperature which you usually keep it at. When this temperature is raised and humidity levels increase, this is when mold becomes a problem. A lot of times in basements there is usually a change of temperature that increases the black mold and mildew to grow faster. Be sure to check all perimeter areas of your basement. A basement will usually have black mold hiding behind panels, underneath rugs, and other corners which you usually do not look at all the time. If you are clever, you may want to look behind work panels inside of your basement. Be sure to use proper equipment and restoration if available. Inhaling black mold spores can be a problem if allergenic.

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