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Designing Newspaper Wicker Basket Crafts for Children

Supplies Needed

  • Construction paper or newspaper
  • Tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard for a base
  • Narrow wooden dowel
  • Use three sheets of eight and a half by eleven inch construction paper. On the sheet of paper to become the base of your basket, draw a line horizontally three and a half inches from the top and another one three and a half inches from the bottom. These lines will help when laying out the base.
  • Then cut the paper lengthwise into strips five inches wide.
  • Using plain white paper you can paint you favorite colour.
  • Lay out eight strips of paper next to each other so that the lines on each strip are face up and form one continuous line.
  • Starting at the top line, weave another strip of the same color through the strips you’ve laid out, over one strip and under the next. Center the strip horizontally with respect to the strips you laid out.
  • Using another strip of the same color, weave it through the strips in the opposite way from the first one, this one will go underneath the strips that the first one you weaved went on top. Then slide the strips together, making sure the edges line up straight.
  • your finished base will be four inches by four inches square that fits inside the line that you had drawn on before when first started.

Weaving around the Basket

  • You will need to glue strips together to make it around your basket and you can place the seams on the sides of the basket. You will have the seamless look.
  • Next weave around the basket and when you come to the end you can glue or use tape as well. Hiding the seams in the same way as before.
  • Make sure to alternate between under and on top of strips, so that you create a checkerboard pattern with the strips from the base. Repeat this step until you’ve reached the top of the basket.
  • Now tape or glue the ends of the base strips to the top woven strip. Then tape or glue a slightly wider strip of the base color to the top of the basket on the inside, laying it on top of the vertical strips. Add a panel on the outside of the basket, securing it to the inside one as well as the outside of the basket.
  • Before adding the top panel, you may want to attach a handle using one of the strips or you can cut a fancy handle with curves or round edges.
  • These baskets can be waterproofed with flour and water solutions and wait until they are dry before using as a plant holder or for odds and ends as well.
  • Flour solution will dry clear so you can also see the print of the newspaper if you used this and the colour of the construction paper if you used the construction paper.
  • Also another thought, you can do a design on the construction paper before cutting it for the basket.
  • just another thought if you wanted to do this as well before getting started on cutting the paper.

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