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Comparison of the Top 3 Brands of Women’s Body Shapers

Quick Overview of Ann Michell, Vedette and Spanx

In my last article, I went over the different types of women’s body shapers; the shaper, the slimmer and the enhancer. Now I would like to do a quick comparison of the top three brands of body shaping products for women – Ann Michell, Spanx and the Vedette.

Ann Michell: Ann Michell is a Colombian line of women’s body shaper products. The line includes waist cincher vests, long leg body shapes, mid-thigh suits and body brief styles. What I like most about Ann Michell is the varying degrees of firmness available. The units range from a “normal” firm compression to a super compression. Ann Michell shapers have a very soft lining, making them more comfortable to wear. All the body shapes in this line tend to be cut very small. Despite what the measuring chart tells you, you will want to get at least once size larger. The Diany style 1040 shapes, reduces size and lifts the butt. The Alejandra style 1046 is like an instant lipo procedure with its super compression effect.

Vedette: The Vedette shapers are made from a Brazilian rubber that is breathable. This line features one of the largest ranges of products amongst all the body shaper brands. Their line includes corsets, briefs, boy shorts, full body shapers and butt enhancing panties. The designers of Vedette products are masterful at slimming the waistline. Their but enhancing products come in two styles, padded panties and briefs as well as but cut out shape wear. The butt cut out style is designed to lift the buttocks without covering it with fabric, thereby giving it the appearance of looking fuller and shapelier.

Spanx: The Spanx brand fall under the category of “hosiery shape wear”. Ann Michell and Vedette are made from rubbery materials whereas Spanx (as well as Flexees, Dr Rey and Slimpressions) are made from a lycra spandex type material. Spanx is one of the most widely recognizable brand names in women’s shape wear and their brand has expanded immensely over the years. Their product line now includes shapers, slips, tights, body suits and camisoles. As I mentioned earlier, Spanx is a style of hosiery shape wear. While the material is thicker and heavier than normal pantyhose – the lycra spandex is lighter than the rubber material of Ann Michell and Vedette. This style of shaper is good for it’s smoothing effect. It does not have the “oomph” of firm compression shapers, but it will make you look and feel sleek.

Now the type of body shaper best suited for you will depend on your individual needs. For more details, comparisons and reviews – visit my site today.

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