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Choosing an Ottawa Private School

Most of us want to give our children the best possible start in life. That usually means a really solid education. I think that sending your child to private elementary school is even more important than sending him to private middle and high school. Why? Simply because your child needs to learn how to read properly and get a solid foundation in conceptualizing and all those other basic skills which he learns in primary school.

Once parents have decided that their child needs more than the public elementary schools in Ottawa can offer, they have the decision of which Ottawa private school best suits the needs of their child. Parents must begin the process of identifying the schools they think are suitable, evaluating them, selecting the ones they like and sending in the applications.

When considering Ottawa’s private schools, there are a number of factors parents should consider beyond the obvious question of tuition rates.

Ottawa offers a variety of French language schools, of course. In addition, there is a rich variety of private school philosophies and religious affiliations to choose from including several Christian schools, Montessori schools, Muslim or Jewish schools, Waldorf Schools and even a virtual private school based in Ottawa.

Location may be an important consideration. There are many private and independent day schools throughout the Ottawa region, such as Ashbury College, Counterpoint Academy, Elmwood School, Joan of Arc Academy, Lycée Claudel, Macdonald-Cartier Academy, Westboro Academy.

When evaluating the various schools, also make sure that you know and understand the reputation of the school, the principal or headmaster and its teachers.

* What reference points can the school offer to convince you that it is the right Ottawa-area private school for your child?

* Meet with teachers to find out their philosophies and their commitment to children.

* Consider how up-to-date the technology, sports and education facilities are.

For Ottawa parents interested in acquiring a private education for their children there are few places in Canada that can offer more than the nation’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario.

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