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Catchy Safety Slogans

The safety slogan, in the workplace, is often forgotten. It is forgotten simply because many safety ideas are conveyed in meaningless ways. 

For example, can you remember any of the safety videos from your current or past employers? If you are like most folks, nothing comes to mind. 

When you consider the immense amount of accidents happening daily, it is a tragedy that people don’t have better ideas about how to be safe. The act of creating a simple and catchy slogan is not all that difficult. What it requires is someone who is concerned and willing to do the necessary work to make it happen.

Plant Safety Story

I have worked on many construction sites. Safety is often something that is a big joke. The safety guy is known for having an easy job that nobody respects. Part of the problem is that safety is seen as boring and unimportant. One day, for us, that all changed. 

One day, one of the iron workers, decided to climb up a rope to have lunch with the rest of the guys higher up. He barely made it to the top and didn’t have much energy left. To make a long story short, he was unable to hold on and plummeted to his death. 

This facility was currently using safety video and safety protocol put out by the safety manager. The problem is that the information wasn’t being retained well enough. Some employees had the attitude that safety just was a boring video you watched once a year. In practice, many of them prided themselves on being tough and taking risks.   

After a close inspection, tears, and fines by OSHA, the company got serious about safety. They decided that for safety to be effective it must be remembered and often rehearsed.   

Catchy Slogans

The main point of our new safety program was to make it seem cool to do the right things. We got the point across by making the safety slogans catchy and fun. For example, we liked the slogan, we may be tough, but we still need to tie off. Each day before work, management would get us together to pump us up for the day. One of the things they always did was have us repeat some of the important safety slogans we had come up with. Some of the most memorable slogans were made up by some of the regular workers.  

Our accidents were greatly reduced and we found that it was fun to come up with and use catchy slogans.

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