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Boisar – An Emerging Centre for Affordable Housing Around Mumbai (Part 1)

Boisar is a town in Palghar taluka and in Thane district. It has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. It is situated about 80 km from Mumbai, and is very close to the Gujarat border. There are Shuttle/MEMU trains from Virar to get to Boisar. Most long distance trains also stop at Boisar. There are regular state transport buses from Palghar, Thane, Bhiwandi and Wada to get to Boisar as well. According to industry experts, interest in this region, was triggered by Tata Housing’s entry into Boisar with their township project.

Boisar town has more than 1,500 industrial units, with renowned companies like Tata Steel, JSW Steel, BARC, Tarapur Power Station, etc., providing employment opportunities for people in Boisar and adjoining areas. In addition, there is also the MIDC industrial area, with a population of around 1.25 lakh and around 10 lakh people in the neighbouring villages of Boisar. Boisar is currently governed by the ‘gram panchayat’ and is slated to come under a municipal council in the future. Although the general infrastructure in Boisar is okay, the water and drainage facilities leave a lot to be desired.

Boisar houses two huge industrial estates:

  • Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Tarapur Industrial Estate
  • Additional Tarapur Industrial Estate

The primary groups of companies present in industrial estates are

  • Bulk drug manufacturing units (Lupin, Aarti Drugs)
  • Specialty chemical manufacturing units (Ganesh Benzoplast, A.M. Todd Company, Maharashtra Organo Metallic Catalysts, Galaxy Surfactants, New Alliance Dye Chem Pvt Ltd, S. D. Fine Chemicals)
  • Steel plants (Tata Steel, Jindal Steel, Mukat Tanks & Vessels)
  • Textile plants(Siyaram, Aceelene Suitings, Pantaloon, Dicitex Decor)

The profile of people that are moving to affordable housing complexes in Boisar town is very similar to Palghar:

  • SME Owners & their Senior Managers, Senior Engineers / Middle Manager, Junior Engineers/Factory Workers. However one important difference is that due to better social infrastructure (better schools, hospitals, retail options like Big Bazaar) a lot more senior managers/engineers and SME Owners actually live in Boisar. Besides integrated township developed by Tata Housing has significantly improved the lifestyle and social infrastructure.
  • Residents of villages close to Boisar
  • One more segment of people who have brought homes in Boisar is the employees of Tarapur Nuclear Power Plant. They have been active in investing in flats on the Boisar-Tarapur road.
  • Second home seekers and investors from Mumbai

The demand for quality residential property is certainly on the rise. The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA), through its Konkan board, will also develop around 500 plots for sale to the lower, middle and higher income groups. Apart from the demand potential, availability of large tracts of land in Boisar at reasonable prices is yet another attraction for developers foraying into the affordable segment, here.

Boisar is a good example of what Palghar can be, esp. if an ambitious project of like the Tata is executed.

Real Estate Development in Boisar

Most of the residential development in Boisar is being done around two specific areas:

  1. Boisar-Tarapur Road in Boisar West
  2. Around Tata Housing Township in Boisar East

The residential projects on Boisar-Tarapur road are specifically concentrated around TAPS Colony and Parnali Naka. These sites are anywhere around 3-6 km of Boisar railway station. It is not possible to acquire large tracts of land close to Boisar station and therefore TAPS Colony & Parnali Naka is preferred areas where large tracts of land can be acquired. While residential development near Boisar station would be a good option for people commuting to Mumbai, the residential development on Boisar-Tarapur road is quite convenient for people working in Tarapur MIDC industrial complex. This road is well served by public transport, auto rickshaws and is quite close to modern retail and shopping area of Boisar which is next to the railway station.

Boisar East is fairly undeveloped as compared to Boisar West. However using Tata Integrated Township as an anchor a large number of projects are coming close to the Tata Township using the amenities provided by Tata as a significant draw. Land availability on the eastern side is not a big problem. Residential rates in the vicinity of railway station are around Rs 3000 psqf but there are no new developments available close to the station.

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