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Benefits Of Using Silver Coated Copper Wires In Electrical Applications

Electricity is the basic element of any economy. If you have an efficient wire system in your home or office, you will never get stuck in the trouble of short circuits, etc. The short circuits are the most common cause of explosions in homes and various industries. The wires are made with copper core are the best at conducting electricity properly. There are various benefits of using copper wires instead of other metal wires. We all know about the various properties of copper, which include high ductility, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, ease of installation, solderability, etc. When these copper wires are coated with the silver (Ag) it increases the strength of the wires.

Benefits Of Using Silver Coated Copper Wires In Electrical Applications:-

Electrical Conductivity: The main purpose of the wires made with any metal is the better conductivity. It plays an essential role while choosing the metal wire for your industrial application. A good flow of energy through the wires signifies good manufacturing and genuine use of quality material. This helps a lot in avoiding short circuits and saving many lives. The additional coating of silver provides better conductivity than copper alone can provide.

Corrosion Resistance: Copper is the good resistor of corrosion, but alone it is not able to avoid corrosion for a long time. Adding another protective layer can give it more durability and power to resist corrosion for a long time. The silver coated wires are less likely to get damaged due to tarnishing. In other words, silver has the ability to resist corrosion better and it acts as the protective layer against the rusting of the wires.

Thermal Conductivity: It is an ability of any metal to conduct heat. In an electrical system, high thermal conductivity is the main concern in order to avoid the wastage of heat, especially in terminations and connections. Copper has good thermal conductivity and coating of silver helps to enhance this property because silver has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity than any other metal. Both copper and silver together serve a better purpose of avoiding heat loss in various application areas.

Ductility: Ductility is an ability to beat the metal to draw thin wires out of it. It is characterized by the ability to be stretched into thin wires. It is particularly important in metalworking so that the wires are easy to break or crack. The copper alone has good ductile properties; however, adding a coating of silver can help it to draw even monatomic wires.

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