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Benefits of Breast Reduction (Macromastia) Surgery

Macromastia is a condition diagnosed as having excessively large breasts. Large heavy breasts can have a very disabling effect on the lives of women suffering from this condition causing chronic symptoms such as shoulder, neck and lower back pain, sores caused by excessive skin rubbing, a decrease in physical performance, shoulder bra strap grooving and many more. Not only do these women deal with many disabling physical symptoms, many report psychosocial effects as well that can cause low self esteem, embarrassment, anti-social behavior, and in some cases body dismorphic disorder. For any woman suffering from large heavy breasts, many simple activities performed on a daily basis can become a burden. Luckily, reduction mammaplasty, commonly known as Macromastia, is a surgery that offers amazing benefits for women suffering from large heavy breasts. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure done by a plastic and/or reconstructive surgeon that removes excess breast fat, tissue and skin to create more proportionate breasts for each woman’s body type as well as to alleviate many symptoms caused by large heavy breasts.

In a recent study, published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, that examined the effects of breast reduction surgery on lower back pain yielded a 35% decrease in low back compressive forces after undergoing breast reduction surgery. Participants also demonstrated a 76% reduction in self-reported disability after having breast reduction surgery. This study also yielded a most impressive decrease in the frequency of pain and travel in patients studied before and after the breast reduction surgery. In addition to many physical benefits, many patients report higher self confidence and increase in overall quality of life.

Macromastia surgery not only can dramatically change a person’s life that is chronically dealing with these disabling symptoms caused by large heavy breasts but also yields one of the highest patient satisfaction rates over any other procedure done by plastic surgeons. Many studies have been done and are currently being performed to further support and prove the medical benefits of Macromastia surgery. It is always recommended to consult a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon to decide if this procedure is right for you.

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