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Being Happy – It’s Better to Give Than to Receive

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive, yet we’ve misunderstood how it really works to benefit all involved. Most think that giving involves only money or acts of charity. There is a deeper element to giving that guarantees your happiness and the enhanced happiness of those you interact with.

Giving is based on you having something and passing it on to someone else, easy, right? But what if what you are giving is judgment and criticism? What if giving is based in trying to “fix” or change someone else? What if conditions are being placed on the gift? That changes the energy of giving into manipulation and continues a cycle of anger, fear, lack, sickness and poverty.

You can learn to give in a way that actually delivers happiness, health, wealth and prosperity to all. Giving that changes the world involves being able to see the best, the highest level of goodness in everyone and holding them in that energy even when they are not aware of it or living it. Perhaps you want your children to be more content and do their homework and keep their room clean without you needing to nag. You give promises of rewards if they do these things, you go out of your way to meet their needs in order to get them to give in return. What happens? The cycle continues.

Try this instead. Close your eyes and relax. Use your powerful imagination, which creates everything you experience, and see your children happy, cooperative, enjoying making good grades in school and delighting in a clean home environment. In your imagination interact with them, say to them what you would say if this were actually so. Hear them talking and saying what they would say if this situation were actually a reality right now.

Break it down to a small interaction where they are in their orderly room, homework done, laughing with you and saying Thank You in response to your congratulating them their report card. Practice this until it feels totally real. Let the joy bubble up inside you.

This type of giving actually lifts yourself and others into a higher expression and experience. It’s easy, and more effective than anything else you can do. Give the greatest of all gifts to the world, the gift of love, abundance, success, health and acceptance. It will pay off in a multitude of ways.

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