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Basics of Hydroponics With LEDS

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics by definition is the growing of plants without soil in water. Instead of feeding through a soil source, plants are fed a mixture of mineral nutrient combinations through the water. The roots of the plant are grown through this nutrient solution or on any inert surface medium like gravel or even wool. How can a plant grow without soil? You may be asking yourself this question. Well studies have shown for many decades that soil only acts as a reservoir of sorts; holding in the nutrients and allowing the plant to feed. Experiments began to show that these same mineral-rich nutrients when absorbed into water, cool also then still be absorbed by the plants, thus eliminating the necessity of soil.

Hydroponics then becomes the "go to" method of growing for a lot of different situations. This includes for lab or science experiments or data collection as well as for the indoor grower who does not have access to the space or resources required to have a traditional outdoor growing garden or greenhouse area. There are many advantages to using hydroponics for growing plants and flowers. First off the lack of soil; no soil to purchase, maintain or cleanup. But what about all the water? Some may ask. Water within a hydroponic system is recyclable within the system itself. Then there are the added measures of control. With an indoor growing system through hydroponics, the yields are high and stable, free of outside contaminates and easy to control with regards to pests and arboreal diseases.

Indoor LED Grow Lights

The next level of concern for many people considering indoor growing returns to cost. Does not providing lighting for these plants require high-wattage and very warm bulbs that will make energy costs sky-rocket? It does not have to be an expensive enterprise. This is where the technology of LED grow lights comes into play. LED, or more properly LED, defines as light-emitting diode. You may be very familiar with these as LEDs have been used in everything from lights, signs and indicators to the technology that is driving the amazingly high resolution picture on your newest television set. This technology, introduced in the 1960s is ancient from a technological stand-point yet it continues to expands in usage and features.

The age of the technology is just one of the factors that keep it so relatively inexpensive. But there are many more reasons to go with cost effective LED grow lights technology. Perhaps most important for stretching your dollar are that they last for a long time. You will not be needed to replace these even half-again as often as you would if you were using traditional or HID light sources. The other big factor those want the quality of LED results without a high prices tag is that they put out a very lower power consumption rate. Less power and less heat means less hassle and lower electricity bills for you or your business.

For those seeking and indoor solution for plants and flowers, hydroponics with a combination of indoor LED grow lights is the solution. They produce quality results with an affordable price and relatively simple setup.

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