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Back to School Face Mask

Your skin is important, just like the rest of your body you need to treat it well, and that requires a nice pampering spa day once in a while. But it is no secret that spa days can cost you a lot, even at home. Face masks can easily cost anywhere from $20 to $50 for a small bottle, but with this simple DIY, you can give your face the clean it deserves and leave your wallet relaxed as well.


There are only three things needed for this mask.

#1- Elmer’s Glue – I prefer the non-toxic kid safe one just because I feel that will be a little easier on the skin

#2- Charcoal- This can be bought as tablets or capsules and even in powder form. At the local drugstore, they are referred to as “activated charcoal, ” and a bottle of 60 capsules costs about $7.

#3- Paintbrush- any paintbrush will do, I used one from a water coloring kit I had, it was approximately.5 inch wide.


Creating this mask is so easy, nd it only requires a couple of minutes.

Step 1: Open, or crush 3 or 4 capsules or tablets of charcoal. If you are using the powder scoop out a table spoon and a half of powder and put it in a bowl or a teacup.

Step 2: Pour Elmer’s glue over the charcoal. You want just enough to cover the charcoal and so that when you mix it, the color will still be black and not gray. This is going to be approximately three tablespoons of glue.

Step 3: Take your paintbrush and mix the mask together. The mask should remain black in color and still be gooey, so if it is getting too hard to mix try adding more glue.

Step 4: Wash your face, and take a warm washcloth to your face for 5 minutes so that your pores will open, allowing the mask to get its work done. Also, pull your hair back into a ponytail and out of your face, this mask does contain glue, so any amount that touches your hair will stick to your hair.

Step 5: Apply evenly using the paintbrush to your face. Try to apply a thin layer, so that it will dry faster and be easier to remove. Again, as previously stated, avoid hair at all costs. If you have a lot of peach fuzz on your face, stick to specific areas on your face such as the nose, chin, and forehead.

Step 6: Sit back and relax, this mask will take 30-45 minutes to dry completely. In the meantime, watch some T.V or even lie down and just relax for that time.

Step 7: Slowly peel off the mask. Don’t rush because then the mask will fall apart while you are peeling it off. Also, if you do your whole face go slowly around the cheeks because that is where the most amount of peach fuzz is on our face so those might hurt.

Step 8: This step is optional, but I like to mix a drop of face moisturizer with a drop of Aloe Vera, just because the masks do tend to dry your skin, and this is a great way to bring some moisture back into it, as well as cool the skin down.

And there you have it. A simple mask that you can make at home and that works as well as anything store bought. Take this DIY and enjoy a nice pamper day at home.

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