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Anal Sex: Safety and Preparation Tips

Nowadays, many couples include anal sex as a part of their erotic lives. Doing so requires some preparation to ensure pleasure and safety for both parties. In the interest of maintaining proper penis health as well as the safety of one’s partner, the following factors should be considered before beginning.

Comfort zones

First and foremost, both partners need to be comfortable with engaging in an anal experience. As with any sexual activity, neither party should feel forced into participating. If one partner has concerns and considerations, these should be discussed and talked out until there is complete comfort on the matter for both.

Be protected

Men who are penetrating need to wear a condom, just as they do when engaging in vaginal sex. Even if a couple is in a committed, monogamous relationship and does not typically use a condom for vaginal sex, the male should still employ one during anal penetration. This is because the anal canal may contain bacteria that can cause infections or other issues if the penis is unprotected. In addition, some people who are on the receiving end find the experience more physically pleasurable with a condom-covered member.


This is probably the most important thing to remember. During vaginal intercourse, a natural lubrication occurs that does not exist during anal intercourse. Starting with plenty of lubrication – and having more lubricant on hand to apply as necessary during the act – is essential.

Start slowly

Foreplay involving the rectal region is very important. A man should use a lubricated finger to help relax and prepare the anus. However, he shouldn’t limit his efforts to the anal region. His free hand should be engaged in massaging the vagina, breasts and any other erogenous zones. Kissing, nibbling the ears or whispering special phrases should also be employed, just as they would be during vaginal sex. And all of this should continue throughout the anal experience, even after the penis has been inserted.

Once penile penetration is achieved, the man should begin slowly and take his time. He should regularly check in with the partner to make sure that she is comfortable and communicate with her to find out what moves and speeds feel best for her.

End slowly

When a couple has completed their anal activity, the man should not quickly pull out. Instead, he needs to slowly remove the penis. A quick removal can be painful.

Play doggy

Couples can experiment with what position works best for them, but most find that a traditional doggy style is the best option for an anal encounter.

Do a thorough cleaning

As is the case when having vaginal sex, a man needs to wash his penis after having anal sex. If the anal sex is going to be followed by vaginal penetration, he should wash the penis AND make sure to discard the used condom (whether he has ejaculated or not) and apply a fresh one (if using a condom during vaginal intercourse). This helps prevent the spread of bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

Keep the penis healthy

This last anal sex tip is simple: Make sure that the manhood is properly healthy. The health of the organ is something that a man shouldn’t need to worry about in any situation, so using a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a regular basis is strongly advised. Many men find that a crème with L-arginine is especially beneficial. This enzyme is involved in the creation of nitric oxide, which in turn allows penile blood vessels to relax for a greater influx of blood to the organ when necessary. Vitamin B5 is another ingredient to look for in a penis health crème. This vitamin is mandatory for penis cell metabolism and healthy maintenance of penile cells. In addition, some studies suggest it may play a role in boosting testosterone. A superior crème should be part of every man’s daily health routine.

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