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Ab Coaster Reviews and Comparisons

The Ab Coaster is one of the hottest new ab machines in the fitness equipment sector, but is it actually effective? So many as seen on TV products have come out in the last few years, each claiming to be the best ab workouts such as the ab roller, ab lounge, ab rocket, etc. Honestly, most of the aforementioned ab exercisers were disappointing and users were quick to start leaving poor reviews. I don’t like buying products that don’t work, and I don’t think people want to spend money on a piece of abdominal exercise equipment that doesn’t really work. So I’ve set out to provide a complete and unbiased review of the Ab Coaster Pro and its various models.

The device is designed to mimic the effects of performing hanging leg raises, widely excepted as one of the best total abdominal exercises. The problem with hanging leg raises is that they are difficult to perform. You must be able to hold yourself suspended in the air and raise your legs up to your chest for multiple repetitions. Or even more difficult, twist your legs to the side while raising them to work your obliques. The ab coaster has been designed with a directionally adjusting seat to allowing you to perform both a forward knee lift motion and a side lift, effectively hitting all of your core muscles. The unit has also been designed with additional resistance in mind by allowing the user to add weight plates to the base of the seat. This means as your core gets stronger you can easily increase the challenge of the exercise by adding more weight. All units also include casters on the front to make it easier to move around and all have a 30 day money back guarantee.

The first thing anyone will take note of about the ab coaster is that it is much more expensive than any previous product with a base price of $399. I would have to say that the price for this unit is fairly justified in its sturdy construction and usefulness. Remember, quality usually has a price! For those that think the ab coaster is too expensive, I would advise them to try and find a comparable piece of equipment on the market for less than $500. The truth is you simply cannot because none exist.

As for the details on the unit, it comes in a few different flavors. The Ab Coaster PS500, formerly known as the Ab Coaster Pro, is the base model and should get the job done for most everyone. It has a 300lb user weight limit, can hold an additional 20lbs of weight plates for added resistance and is made of an all steel construction. The more expensive “personal” model, the PS750, has stainless steel rails and polyurethane rollers on the bottom of the seat but costs an extra $100. These units weigh roughly 69lbs shipped and are fairly easy to assemble with all tools and hardware being included. One note, when you start taking all the piece out be sure to NOT cut the plastic ties holding the seat down before you have completely assembled the unit. If you cut these too soon the seat will be sliding all over the place while you try and put it together!

Sturdier commercial models start at $900 and go up to $1,500; these are the models that you will see in the big name fitness centers such as Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness. I haven’t seen any of these personally but from what I can tell they hold heavier users, allow for more weight to be added for resistance and have slightly better build quality with things like adjustable grips. I think most home users will stick with the personal models.

In conclusion, if you are looking to purchase this product you can take comfort in the fact that most of the ab coaster consumer reviews have been positive and with the money back guarantee, you don’t have much to lose in trying it out. If the price is still something you are concerned with you could try looking for a used ab coaster on Craigslist or eBay.

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