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A Review of the Champion Inverter Generator Range – 1000 Watts to 3100 Watts

When it comes to generators it has become clear that digital inverter generators are the sensible way to go. Many ‘old technology’ portable generators were very unstable and a voltage spike caused by them could (and still can) destroy the sensitive electronics contained in all sorts of common household appliances. The digital inverter generator produces ‘clean’ electricity, without ‘spikes’. In fact, often times, the power produced by these small generators is ‘cleaner’ than mains power.

Digital inverter generator technology was introduced by Honda around ten years ago, and was quickly copied by other manufacturers around the world, because it truly was a game changer. Not only is the output much higher quality, but it is produced more cheaply because the gas engine doesn’t need to work so hard. The problem, as with so many other products copied in the Far East, is that shortcuts are taken with quality and in manufacturing, that makes much of the cheaper end of the generator market laughably unreliable.

My own website features Honda and Yamaha generators, but where I wanted to add a good range of cheaper alternatives, in all conscience I could only add one. That economical alternative is the Champion range. Independent buyer reviews made me very nervous of adding many makes, but Champion shone out above all the rest.

When you read the technical specifications of the three featured Champion models I feature you could be almost think you are reading about Honda. When you read verified buyers reviews, you could think the same thing. The thing that will catch your eye more than anything else, apart from the reviews, is the prices being offered, a fraction of that of the market leaders.

The three Champion models I’m concerned with are the 1000w, 2000w and the 3100w models. It is possible that even with its’ great reviews the 1KW model may be phased out. This is not a problem though as the 2KW model is not that much more expensive and does have a much wider useful range of power.

Digital inverter technology allows the engines on these three models to run at variable speeds depending on the amount of power drawn. The old technology engines ran (usually) at 1500RPM all of the time. Imagine how much extra gas your car would use if it ‘ticked over’ at that speed! The reason the inverter types don’t need to run at a similar speed all the time is because they produce direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC). The inverter converts the DC into AC, but at the same time outputs a pure sine wave that is loved by sensitive electronic components. It is the inverter that sets the voltage, not the engine. Engine speed increases as the electrical load increases. This saves both fuel and engine wear.

I sincerely recommend that you have a look at this Champion range if you are thinking of buying an economical generator that is not Honda or Yamaha. If you are looking for extra power, take a good look at the 3100 watt model. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save.

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