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A Review of Husqvarna Lawn Mower

There is no bigger and trusted brand in lawn care products than Husqvarna. This is a Swedish company founded in the late 1600s and has grown into a leader in the manufacturing of products in areas such as hunting, kitchen appliances, motor vehicles, and outdoor machines. With 300 years of experience and expertise, Husqvarna has a huge range of lawn mowers in its product range – both for commercial and residential use.

One of the most popular models in its commercial range is the M48 Pro. Built with a Honda GVC engine and aluminum chassis, this heavy duty powerful lawn mower will give you maximum performance and will last you for years. With its BioClip cutting system, the grass is cut twice and finely chopped before being returned to the lawn as natural fertilizer. Additional features include a comfortable central cutting height adjustment, and efficient vibration dampener on the handle.

If you want something bigger and more powerful there is always the M 53S Pro – a model from Husqvarna’s commercial range. Also built with a Honda engine and BioClip cutting system, its cutting width is 53cm compared to the M48 which only 48cm. However the main difference is that the latter is a push mower where as this 53S model is a self propelled single speed front wheel drive mower.

For the households, Husqvarna also has a huge range of garden mowers. The R 153SV for example is a self propelled mower built with a Briggs and Stratton engine. Designed with a TrioClip cutting system, you can choose between collection, BioClip, or rear ejection. This machine is made from robust and durable rust free aluminum cutting deck which is very stable in operation.

For the bigger residential lawn, you have the choice of the Husqvarna LC 53B with steel cutting deck. This machine is packed with features including Advanced Flow Technology which is a unique deck design that allows optimum air flow meaning a first class result in whatever cutting mode. With its 3-in-1 cutting system, this mower offers collection, BioClip, and ejection modes. Powered with a Briggs and Stratton DOV engine it is guaranteed to start first time every time.

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