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5 Safety Tips For Baby Canopy Cribs

Baby canopy cribs are a beautiful addition to almost any infant’s bedroom. They can be elegant or traditional, or anything in between. Some parents even choose to dress up the canopy with fun accents that tie the crib in with the baby’s room decor. However, before you make any additions, always perform a safety check. Baby canopy cribs can be an attractive choice for your little one, as long as you are aware of these safety tips.

Tip #1: Constructing the Crib

Every parent knows that when you put the baby’s crib together, you should perform a stability check. Make sure all parts are installed correctly and each mechanism functions as it is supposed to. When building baby canopy cribs you have to check for more than wobbly legs and loose sides. Baby canopy cribs have an extra part added: the canopy. Ensure you have added this to your list and verified the stability and strength of the canopy before using the crib.

Tip #2: Fabric Additions to the Crib

Baby canopy cribs look stunning with lengths of fabric added to the top or down the posts and sides. When incorporating these elements, make sure they are not in reach of the sleeping little one. A length of fabric that falls into the crib can become wrapped around your little one. Each piece should remain outside of the crib.

Tip #3: Secure Canopy Accents

Your safest bet when dressing up baby canopy cribs is to avoid a lot of little pieces on the canopy. These can become loose and fall into the crib, where they could pose a danger to your baby. When you do make additions to the canopy, always verify they are secure and cannot potentially fall in.

Tip #4: Outside Dangers

Baby canopy cribs are generally safe, however you should also consider outside dangers that can lurk even in your baby’s bedroom. Make sure the crib is a safe distance from wall hangings, shelves and other potential falling hazards. Keep in mind, the canopy is not intended to act as a shield should something heavy fall on to it. Even if the wall hanging feels stable, you never know when an accidentally thump or vibration in the house might knock something loose.

Tip #5: Follow Up Checks

For the most part, canopy baby cribs are just as durable as regular cribs. They should work fine, as long as you purchased a quality model in good condition and followed these safety tips as well as manufacturer’s directions. Although the crib is sturdy, it is still a good practice to periodically check for wear and tear on the joints, mechanisms and anything that is weight bearing on the crib. This will help you stop a potential problem before it poses a serious threat to your baby.

Follow these safety tips and you can get plenty of safe use out of baby canopy cribs. Dress up your infant’s room with one of the most popular crib styles available. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating a crib canopy, so get creative but remember to keep safety in mind.

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