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5 Questions To Ask Before You Line Up A Cable Assembly Quote

Trying to find the best company to fulfill your cable assembly needs can be an intimidating and stressful process. Requesting a quote can be a particularly challenging process, especially if you have never done so before. Thankfully there are some helpful guidelines when making your first cable purchase from a company. Take a look at the following five questions you should ask before you request a quote:

How much experience does the company have?

It is important to first identify your needs. You should realize the environmental factors that will affect your cable assemblies. This includes indoor usage, exposure to sunlight and/or sand, and whether the cables will be subject to vibrations and shocks. After you understand the particular needs of your order, find a company that has experience catering to your requirements. Not only does this include determining how long the company has been in existence, but whether they serve clients similar to yourself.

How large are the operations of the company?

If your cable assembly needs are basic, it may not matter how large the company is. However, if you are looking for a company to fulfill a specific order with specialized needs, then you should consider whether the company has the facilities to handle your order. Be aware that while a company may appear small upon your first physical visit, they may have facilities located in different countries. Always ask if you are unsure.

Which industries do the company serve?

Some cable businesses cater to a specific target only while others serve various industries and businesses. The key is to identify which businesses the company has served in the past and whether these past clients have needs similar to yours. Again, the experience of the company matters, as you are entrusting them to manufacture proficient and safe custom cable assemblies for you.

Which certifications do the company hold?

Many people often ignore the certifications of a particular institute or person. This is understandable for some fields, as many certifications are simply acronyms. However, this is not the case for the cable world. It is imperative to the safety of the users that many cable assemblies be manufactured professionally and efficiently. Certifications for the industrial world are a reflection of the knowledge of a company, as well as their proficiency in a particular area. A company that holds certifications from reputable sources is a stronger choice than one that does not.

With whom will you communicate while working on your project?

When purchasing cable assemblies, you need to be able to express your requirements. Working with a competent and knowledgeable representative of the company is the best way to ensure you will be receiving a quality product that meets your specific needs. Ask to speak with the person handling your project and do not be shy in asking questions regarding their experience. Finding a person who communicates well with you is imperative to feeling comfortable enough to adequately describe your needs for a cable assembly.

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