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4 Benefits of Commercial Induction Cooking

The induction method of cooking and warming offers many benefits over electric and gas. While induction is not as widely known, it is growing in popularity, mainly as a result of four important advantages: speed, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Induction technology transfers energy directly from the cooktop to the cooking vessel, generating heat quickly, and dramatically reducing the “warm up” period. This greatly reduces preparation time and is invaluable in commercial kitchens where traffic is high and preparation quantities are high.


Induction cooking involves no open flame or other radiant heat source that could ignite fumes or flammable materials. This translates to less risk within the kitchen, and an overall safer environment for the cooking staff.

It surprises people to learn that they can actually touch the surface of an induction cooktop and feel little or no heat, even after having just used it. The heat is transferred directly to the cooking device, rather than also spreading heat to the rest of the cooktop.

More efficient:

Whereas gas and electric cooking methods waste up to half of their heat (sometimes more), an induction range generates virtually no ambient heat. This means that the commercial kitchen remains cooler, which is a welcome benefit to the entire staff that can contribute to greater productivity. A cooler kitchen offers an additional benefit: reduced structural cooling costs. The age-old saying of: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” can now be changed to “If you can’t stand the heat, switch to induction cooking.”


Because induction is a highly efficient heating technology, energy expenses in the kitchen are conserved. With most induction devices, 90% of the energy goes directly into heating the pan. In contrast, gas delivers only 35-40% of its energy to the pan and traditional electric only about 45-60%. In an environment of high energy costs, conservation is critical to sustaining profitability.

In addition to these important benefits, induction cooking and warming offers an unparalleled level of heating and warming precision, which is critical in many restaurants and hospitality environments. Because induction controls can maintain a specific temperature with great consistency, it creates an ideal environment for delicate or temperature-critical recipes.

In buffet warming settings, it also allows for easier and more consistent temperature monitoring and distribution. This means that even though it’s on a buffet table, it can stay fresh and delicious, instead of getting soggy or cold.

With all of these added benefits, it’s no wonder than induction cooking is gaining in popularity.

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