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3 Things You Might Want To Consider When Buying Plastic End Caps

End caps are small devices designed to cover pipe ends. This keeps the pipes free from dirt and other contaminants that could find their way in during transportation to end users after manufacturing. Such protection, also goes a long way in keeping corrosion at bay because it becomes harder for moisture to accumulate inside the pipes.

The end caps are also used to keep the sharp edges of pipes protected from damages during the transportation phase. It is also a simple way of ensuring that such edges do not end up causing injuries and other kinds of damages on things or people they come into contact with. Apart from being used on pipes they can also be used on household appliances like on table legs and chairs to keep floor damages at bay. Plastic caps are popular because they are lightweight, easy to use and inexpensive. There are so many kinds of plastic end caps and you may need to make a few considerations so you are able to get the best.

1. The Material

Plastic end caps are made from different kinds of materials. You could find a vinyl end cap or polyethylene caps and other plastic types. They all are plastic varieties that come with individual pros and cons and it may be a good idea to consider your options so you can choose a material that you are sure can withstand the conditions under which you will be using the end caps. Some are more flexible than others, whereas some may be more durable than others. Know your options and make the best choice.

2. Cap shape and size

End caps come in different shapes to match different shaped pipes and other applications. The most common shape is round, but there are also square and rectangular plastic end caps. The kind of use you have in mind should guide you to the best shape. Whether you are using them on pipes, household items or even garden tools and other applications, you should find a shape that fits the items perfectly. Ensure that the shape of the cap and the size works for your kind of application so you do not end up buying caps that are not useful at all. If they do not fit snugly, then they will not offer your items any kind of protection.

3. Cap style

Plastic end caps also come in different styles and they are important considerations if at all you are to get the most suitable choices for your application. You can choose from tapered caps that offer coverage for different outside diameters or tube caps that can be threaded, shallow, ribbed, regular or long to protect non threaded and threaded tubing, packing tubes and rods. Other common style options include tear tab caps, push-on caps, threaded, non-threaded and flanged caps. Pull tab caps and hanger caps may also important to consider depending on the kind of application you want them for.

Source by Satvik Mittal

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